Friday, February 20, 2009

Proboscis Monkey Tour Sabah

Proboscis Monkey Tour Sabah
During one of the days when I had a free afternoon/ evening, I thought I'll explore Sabah further. So, I signed up for the only package tour that goes out in the afternoon which is this Proboscis Monkey Tour.

At 1pm, the pick up arrived at the doorstep of the hotel. We then headed off to Beufort (south of Sabah).

proboscis monkey tour sabah journeyThe 2 hour ride took us around the kampungs, and the journey didn't really seemed long. Soon, we arrived in our destination.

proboscis monkey tour sabah rest areaThe place does seem to have quite an atmosphere, with stilts and all. We walked towards the open air restaurant, as it was tea time.

proboscis monkey tour sabah restaurantThe place was simple, yet it gave a close to nature feel.

proboscis monkey tour sabah restaurantIt was really a nice place to have tea....

proboscis monkey tour sabah natureEspecially with such a beautiful view!

proboscis monkey tour sabah touristsAfter tea, it was time to head to the boats. By then, it's already late afternoon/ early evening. It does seem weird that the tour starts kinda late - but that's because the Proboscis monkeys only come out in the evening, when the sun is down.

proboscis monkey tour sabah river cruiseSoon we were on the boat along the Gramas/ Kilas river... on our boat journey. This is my first time on such a river boat ride in the forest, and it felt good!

proboscis monkey tour sabah forestAnd before long, we arrived to a few proboscis monkey sites. There goes the click, click, click!

proboscis monkey tour sabahGlad I managed to capture some shots too of this unique looking monkey, known for its long shaped nose. Locally, it's also called the Monyet Belanda (Dutchman Monkey) for 'both are hairy, have big nose, and pot bellies').

proboscis monkey tour sabah river cruise boatWe spent a fair time on the river enjoying its surroundings, and trying to see for any other wildlife (we were told we might get to see other monkeys like the buffaloes, crocodiles, monitor lizards, etc.... but what we saw was the Silver Leaf Monkeys).

proboscis monkey tour sabah kampungI guess the best part of the river cruise apart from seeing the monkeys is to enjoy the sunset... as like most parts of Borneo, the sunset is always astounding.

proboscis monkey tour sabah river cruise sunsetFinally, it was time to head back to the restaurant for dinner and end of Part 1 of the river cruise.

After dinner, we went to part 2, where we once again got on the boat to see the fireflies. Was not advised to take any photos, as apparently the flash will 'scare' them away.

We didn't see that many fireflies that night as it was about to rain, but that very little was quite worth it (again, my first time seeing the fireflies!).

That then concluded the travel tour, and was time to head back to Kota Kinabalu once again.

*There are a few similar Proboscis Monkey Tours - some going to the different rivers (if not wrong, one goes to Kinabatangan river too).

The prices are roughly about the range of RM180 - RM200... and one can book this most likely at your hotel or any tour agencies in KK.

Oh btw, if you are wondering, you don't need to be an adventuruous of sorts to take part in this tour! :)

*The estimated time/ schedule for the tour is 1-930pm.


  1. QC, thanks so much for this post. A colleague (from overseas) was just asking me about this tour. I should have enough info from your post to keep him clued in. Thanks again.

  2. I went to Klias (different route though) in 2006, an interesting experience indeed.

    Will be going again next month with some friends who've never been there yet.

  3. Just fantastic, I never knew Sabah and Beaufort was this interesting. ;D

  4. That's an interesting trip alrite! Travelling on a river boat ride in the forest is such an experience! Wow! So many posts I missed. Must read the older posts now! : )

  5. That's an interesting trip alrite! Travelling on a river boat ride in the forest is such an experience! Wow! So many posts I missed. Must read the older posts now! : )

  6. Beaufort is quite far away from KK. How long did you travel from KK to Beaufort?

  7. @happysurfer
    yr friend will definitely enjoy sabah, and its nature + wildlife :)

    another travel bug hehe! :)

    i too didnt know sabah was so beautiful. my first time there, and im astounded! do try to make this yr hols destination - now that flights are quite affordable :)

    have u tried this before? yes, it was quite something i enjoyed lots. dont mind trying more such rides! :)

    2 hours, but with all excitement it really dont feel long haha :)

  8. Hey,

    Do you know any good local tour agencies in Sabah? I'm planning to take a day tour or something like that.

  9. @chong
    i booked mine via the hotel i stayed. u can actually do the same, or there are some tour agents around the city. i think they are all roughly similar based on what i checked.

  10. the local people especially the one living in the rural areas are not caling them monyet belanda, instead they called them Bangkatan and many are still calling it that way....


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