Friday, March 27, 2009

More Kuching Kampung

kuching kampung siputThe journey to the Sarwak Cultural Village continued. From the first kampung (village), we passed by this stall selling siput (snails) - for cooking. This is quite a unique dish, and I think also quite common in other parts of Malaysia - have you tried this?

Btw, the youth at this stall were so friendly - and full of smiles.

kuching kampung road From the stall, we moved on... passing by roads with shady trees.

kuching kampung vegetableIt was interesting to see this somewhat curly vegetables... I've not seen this back in West Malaysia. (Anyone know its name?)

kuching mt santubongWe also passed by Mount Santubong, known for the legend of Puteri Santubong.

kuching kampung buntal marketNot long later, we arrived at our destination... another kampung - Kampung Buntal. This is the market - selling non other than seafood.

kuching kampung buntal prawanThis seems like a pasar borong (wholesale market). So many big prawns!

kuching kampung buntal seafoodMore seafood!

kuching kampung buntal stall treeBeside the market, more seafood... sold under the big shady tree.

kuching kampung buntal chinese houseAlign LeftNot far off - behind the tree in fact, is this Chinese house. I thought the house colours were quite vibrant... and with these porcelains in front just add to the whole atmosphere & feel.

kuching kampung buntalWanting to explore a lil more, the driver drove inside the kampung... and towards the sea.

kuchingA view of the jetty is always pleasant... and soothing!

Going through kampungs in Kuching is definitely not a usual journey/ route a traveler would take. But I'm glad I went through this as it allowed me to see & explore both parts of Kuching - its main city centre and also the rural side of it... and though we finally arrived the destination much later, but it's well worth it!

*Apparently, this kampung has one restaurant that is quite popular for seafood.


  1. The veggies in the 3rd photo are edible ferns aren't they?

  2. No never tried eating snails before. I think this kampung is quite interesting.

  3. that's bidin or midin edible ferns and highly demanded at local restaurants in town. You must try ;)

  4. If not mistaken the curly vegetables are called 'bilin' or something like that...

  5. the third pic i think with the girl partly hidden behind the greenery is great. i love that pic

  6. I like that photo of Mount Santubong! :)

  7. that's right, it's a type of fern locally called 'midin'. you can cook it with belacan or chinese red wine.

  8. I love the 4th photo. Gosh! I wish I could be like you man. Traveling around. =)Lots of sea food. Besides they look fresher compared to the ones we have here.

  9. Hmmm... Interesting!
    Are they Malays? Or other ethnic groups?
    I really want to visit East Malaysia one day. I've had so many students from there here in Taiwan.

  10. Yup, the 'curly vegetable' are called "Midin" by local's very special as it's only found in can be found anywhere ard the bushes..Usually, local swakian esp d Ibans would pick d vege and sell it in the market. It's very delicious, esp when fried with local Swak "belacan" - something you shud NOT ever miss when you come to Swak *hehe* I always eat this vege everytime I go bk I miss it so much =P

    p/s : Reading all ur posts on Sarawak really makes me miss home so much now :(((( No place can compare to d warmth n comforts of such a place I called 'home'- Swak ;)


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