Sunday, February 03, 2013

Bangkok Must Visit: Reclining Buddha At Wat Pho

Bangkok is know for it's strong Buddhist religion.. with quite a handful of temples that are 'must visit' for tourists.

High on the list is Wat Pho, the temple just nearby the Grand Palace. So it is a good thing to visit these 2 places back to back - which is what I did!!

The main 'attraction' here is the gold leaf covered Reclining Buddha.. which is 46 meters long!! Yes, it's pretty huge!

The Sleeping Buddha is quite a sight to marvel. And I spent some time praying and photo taking here.

Apart from that, one can also give donation, exchanging notes for coins and putting it into the pots which are arranged in one line - just behind the Sleeping Buddha.

The surroundings of the temple is much like some other Thai temples I've visited. But the statues here are a lil different - resembling both Western and Chinese.

Apparently there's also rather cheap Thai massage here - which are more yoga style (as compared to therapeutic). I missed this tho - not knowing that they had such service then.

That's a pity cos it seems really good and professional!! (Source from Wiki says: Traditional Thai massage and medicine is taught at the Traditional Medical Practitioners Association Center, an open air hall outside the temple).

*Wat Pho
Opening Hours: Daily 08:00 - 17:00 (Massage available until 18:00)
Location: Maharat Road. Close to the river (about a half mile south of the Grand Palace), Old City (Rattanakosin)
Price Range: The entrance fee is 100 baht

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