Sunday, February 03, 2013

Blu Med Restaurant By Iron Chef Sasajima!

Been seeing more and more cool cafes and restaurants popping up in KL in the recent years.. uplifting the F&B industry quite a fair bit, I'd say!

And there's a new player in town. Well quite a spanking new player in fact and they are located in Gardens Mid Valley.

Well, it's their convenient location that I came to know of Blu Med (one probably can't miss it if you walk between the 2 malls that is). Btw the restaurant by Iron Chef Sasajima - wow, this is something heh!!

This 2 storey restaurant is quite bright and attention grabbing from the outside. Not that it's full of colours and all. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Well think of it more like a clean and neat restaurant.. just like how Apple would do it - if they open one!

So there I was anyway. And it so happened to be on the very 1st day it opened!

As I already had dinner, I only opted for drinks and desserts. The servers were pretty friendly and recommended the home made ice cream - which came in 3 flavours.

For drinks - I ordered the cranberry juice and my friend ordered the lime juice, instead of alcoholic beverages.

The drinks were average. Well, that's a bit of pity as partly their juices are a lil limited.

However, the kiwi ice cream was pretty good! The only set back - it came in a rather small portion, and can get a lil pricey (was RM18 for 3 scoops).

But don't get me wrong. The food is not all that expensive here - tho it falls in the slightly more expensive range (and if one chooses the chef specialty - then the quite expensive range).

Btw, we were informed that the menu will change according to the 4 different meal times of the day - tho for now it's still a standard one throughout the day.

And we were also informed that their speciality is the pizza and pasta. For which I'd love to come back for - and really taste it for myself..

So stay tuned for a next update!!

*Another friend visited the restaurant on the 2nd day (ie today) and had a different experience altogether.. which wasn't a pleasant one. Apparently their service was pretty bad. That kinda shocked me, but I guess the restaurant is new - and still need some time to pull things together. Tho of course this doesn't come in as a good news for such a high end restaurant.

Unit 27-G, Ground Floor & Unit 27-1 First Floor
Signature Office, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. It's the tricky thing about new restaurants right? - they usually take a while to sort out the kinks - but bad experiences usually mean the client doesn't come back. I'd still like to try their food though.


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