Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Magic Of Love

Have you ever experienced the magic & power of love? This can be not just from love or loving a spouse, but also encompass love for our family, community, country, etc.

For when there is love, things get going, in fact moving! Just like moving mountains :) For it is love that makes people to not just see within themselves, but beyond - for the love will be the one that lead the way.

Examples could be - a couple who will go through all the pain to just be together, families relationships remain strong despite the hurdles/obstacles and seperations, countries prosper because of the love of both the Leaders & its people. This list can just go on :)

Just to take an excerpt from the lyrics, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, "The world for once in perfect harmony, With all its living things"...

Wow, aint that the magic of LOVE.


  1. Wow, that is from the cartoon movie, 'lion king' rite;, ya nice song with meaningful words.
    Yup, agree. Love can be a powerful tool as a motivational factor. But of all the love, i think love for own family is the greatest motivator to succeed in life. Coz family is where we belong, our roots, our everything. Family members watch us grow, watch us make mistakes, nurture us and forgiving all the way till what we are today. Therefore, i would say love for family is the greatest motivator factor, though there are also other love motivator as well.haha....

  2. Love for a familiy is one type of love.

    Love for one's spouse is another type of love.

    There is no superiority of one's love for a familiy over one's love for a spouse. The feelings and emotions are different and they are to a certain extent mutually exclsuive.

    I like to share my views on love for one's spouse. Love for one's spouse must always be singular. It must be dedicated to just each other, faithful, unconditional, completely be devoted to each other and commited just for one another. To be involved with a third party is adultery, it's the recipe for disaster, it will result in feeling unfulfilled, it's a time bomb waiting to explode, it will be draining and can only lead to eventual break up ! We have seen many couples breaking up because of a third party involved - because love for the spouse becomes compromised. Hence, whenever there is a third party involved, this is not love ! This is lust and greed. It is completely demotivating and causes a lot of pain. There is only one solution for such situations - an eventual breakup !

  3. I agree with Anonymous on three parties love.

    While love can be shared amongst familiy members, love can never be shared with more than one spouse. For example, you may love your dad and mum equally or love your siblings equally or your children equally - BUT, you cannot love more than one spouse. That is, you cannot and should not have a sexual - love type of relationship with more than one spouse ! This is cheating and sinful ! It is abnormal and nobody in their right mind can accept it ! It is wrong, it is hateful, it is hurtful and selfish ! Anybody wanting to have more than one sexual - love partner must be totally condemned ! I agree with what Anonymous said - there is only ONE solution - an eventual breakup - that will slowly but surely take place.

  4. Quah

    I can't help but got the feeling that the Anonymouse writers are digging at something or someone ? Is it you Quah ?? Hahhah. We didn't know you have more than one lover ??? Just pulling yr leg Quah ! Anyway their advice is sound and it is no doubt true.


  5. The Magic of Love is beautiful. I believe you must have just fallen in love with someone! It's good isn't it ? The feeling is really great. Everything you do and think about revolves around this person, rite ? If you have found someone you really love, you should treasure the person. Don't lament over the things that you should have done when it is too late.... Take care.

  6. Hey all, wow, what a surprise this topic can get so many response!

    When I wrote this, I meant more towards The Malaysia Page - the love for the country. But I thought it could also be related to love in other aspects :)

    Whatever it is, Love sure sparks! :) It's nice to see the responses. haha!

    So, do continue the spirit of Love :)

    Btw, the lyrics is from the movie The Lion King - the cartoon version of the song.

  7. Oh so sad ! We thot it was love for someone ! Now it has been CLARIFIED it is NOT. It's love for a country. So, it's to do with patriotism. Oh well, so all the writers were wrong ! Nothing to do with loving a person - family or otherwise ! Hahaha !

  8. Haha, as I mentioned, love covers a lot of things. From spouse to family, country, even love for the school. Never meant to deceit, though I didnt say there's no Love In The Air! :)


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