Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I've been in the business for slightly over 1.5 years now. Actually the journey has been rather interesting... as at first, the Batik Inspirations book was publsihed just solely out from passion.

Along the way, I've been slightly involved in the hand painted tshirts which are available at a few gift shops in Singapore. It was through the learning & then appreciation of art that I got interested into these.

And now, my latest 'baby' - The Malaysia Page. Instead of plain internet business, this has a little 'beauty' to it like the giant poster of Malaysia.

So, people do ask... 'What does your company do?'. I've read before that a company will continue to change its goals and objectives over time - even the MNCs (eg. maybe add a new division or at times change direction altogether).

Initially, it was hard to define my business.
After some deep thoughts & looking deep within my heart, I realised I got it right - my company specialise in promoting Malaysia & Asia through:
Publishing. Fashion. Internet. Productions.

Glad that I finally found the right words to describe my passion. My close friends will know how much I love my country and Asia.

Though these may change in the future, as I do have a few other plans as well, but at least for now my business is defined :)


  1. Hi Quah ^^

    Glad to know your updates about your business and just drop by to say do not give up your passion but persevere to materialize your dreams to come true. Every cloud has a silver lining and look hard for the silver gleam of sunlight admist of all adversity and challenges..All the best in your business endeavours!

    Best regards,

  2. Hey, Ben, thanks for your support. As Ive mentioned before, and Ill mention again, its always nice to receive a pat on the back... :)


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