Monday, May 14, 2007

Beautifully You

Went to watch the Korean movie of 200 Pounds Beauty. Beautiful movie, well scripted and directed.

But more importantly, the movie's theme is to look at our inner beauty. And though the world may judge others by looks or background, but what makes each and all of us special is our deeper selves within.

And though the world & societies do have standards and criteria to meet, but in the end, reality is that we have to judge the beautiful part of ourselves. For I believe that is what makes us continue to live life happy and full :)

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  1. hey quah, you don't have to worry coz i believe tht you are beautiful within and outside. If no, you won't be voted for GUESS face rite?? haha, just joking..
    Yeah, actually agree with you. Inner beauty is the most important thing. But sorry to say this, based on my observations, most guys prioritise the outlook first on most girls. Don't know why.. Aihh..and some ended up with beautiful gfs but with bad attitudes and so on. Don't get me wrong, i understand everyone have different criteria and it's up to them how they wanna live their life. But i guess this theory on guys is correct in most circumstances. prove me wrong, anyone? aihh.. sometimes girls also do that la, but not very often i guess. haha..


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