Monday, May 14, 2007


When I was a student, my teachers used to say that networking among us classmates was important, as we will never know when we will need each others help in the future when we are grown ups.

Recently, some of my friends have been stressing the importance of building a strong network as well.

In a way, I do agree with them, as these can be useful in business and of course just as personal friendships too.

Do you too have experienced friends who will just go the distance just for you? Or have you done it yourself too? Well, that is the power of networking :)

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  1. Yeah, im one of the type of people who will go the distance for people that i cared, people whom i trust, people whom i seem to clicked and felt that i knew them before.haha!! maybe past lifes..
    Recently, i've been training in an audit company. It's a requirement for my uni to have training 2 months before we graduate 1 more year from now..
    Met a good senior who seem to click instantly. Taught me many things and really can feel those seniors friendliness and spirit of teamwork and hardworkingness in them. I've helped a particular senior a bit, staying up late like around 11pm something for few days just to finish works together and so on. Normally, vacation trainee don't need to stay up that late but i just felt i need to and i wanted to. Don't know why, maybe it's a friend spirit and the desire to see someone succeed. And in my case, is to see her succeed in finishing her files. The willingness of going the distance is wonderful. One will feel their self-worth increased and being acceptable by society and friends around. most importantly, it's a good thing done to the society because of just one small contribution from a willing normal folk.All in all, im happy for what i did.. hehe....


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