Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Winning By Helping

The Malaysia Page is quite ready to be rolled out. And along the way for the past 2 days, Ive been promoting the site to a few businesses.

Im actually quite surprised that I didnt really use a sales pitch. Instead, the words really came from my heart ie to help others succeed.

Someone once told me that by helping others first, we will eventually win as well. And that is just what this site aims to do - by helping the Malaysian companies have a global presence. I hope that there will be benefits to them like bringing potential customers to them either physically or virtually.

And, it comes as a sweet surprise that by just believing in this theory of helping, these businesses see the pure benefits :)


  1. You should help yourself win by featuring The Malaysian Page as the introductory slide show in your blog ! This is your present and future ! What you have featured are photos of the past ! Mr Inspirational Dreamer - you dream of the future - not the past ! And we live for the future -not in the past !

  2. Thanks for the feedback. You are most right :) Ive updated a lil to showcase our current & future works...

    Continue Dreaming. Continue Inspiring.


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