Wednesday, May 30, 2007

For The Better

Sometimes, there are things that may or may not work according to our plans. When these happens, some will get frustrated, others may feel dissapointed.

But I guess sometimes somethings happen for the better. And though there will be the initial setbacks, but I'm sure that eventually, things will turn out fine.

And although, there are times as well when things do happen not for the better, but we just have to move on and in a way, make it turn out well too :)


  1. Frustrations and disappointments are emotions of failing.We all want to be successful and be happy instead. To be able to do this, we must understand why our plans did not work out. We must ask ourselves what went wrong and what have we done wrong. We must acknowledge our wrongdoings and be prepared to rectify it. We should then pursue our plan with courage, determination and perseverance. We must not give up so easily.

    It is true that sometimes when there is a bad experience, it is better to bite the bullet and cut the loss. But when an experience is a good one, then one should treasure it and not let it slip by. This is different from something happenning which throws the plans awry - in that case, the above advice is relevant.

  2. Yeah, when problems surfaces, some will get frustrated and disappointed. But, it's through this only we can see the impact of the problem on people and circumstances, so that we will be more wise in the future to make right choices , right actions, right motive. Moreover,problems actually is a learning experience where we can learn new things and discover things we might never know if that problem didn't surfaces. Indirectly, it shows ppl true colours under pressure and it make us become more careful when dealing with certain people in the future..haha! So, every cloud has a silver lightning, ain't it? Good exposure, brings an enlightened and strong soul,i believe. But one must be courageous and humble enough to swallow its pride when learning through experience especially if the problem happenned because of him or her.haha and that's the miracle of it. Once, that happens, many many good things happen and one feels more real and alive to the world!! God's creation is truly magnificient.haha

  3. Well said. But one must always go to the root of the problem. And if the root of the problem is caused by an 'external factor' or third person, then you should perish that factor or person once and for all - ie kill it! So that you will nib that root of the problem so that it will never have the chance to re-emerge and cause problems again ! That is the lesson you should be getting out of this episode ! Some of these factors/third parties are so ever problem causing - they never seem to get the message - you need to be firm with them and eliminate them in a one clear swipe ! Then you will really sever the root of these problems !


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