Monday, April 18, 2011

What's Your (INspiring) Story?

I've been thinking of inviting guest bloggers to write on this blog for a while now. I tweeted bout this once to ask for topics to write about, and I got one pretty interesting one: Why married men cheat. 

I think I'll do that series someday cos that will definitely be a good read. However, I was thinking of doing something along the lines of something inspiring. 

Think, think, think (for a month or two).. and no idea really came about. Well, not till on the plane ride back from Manila! (told u the city is inspiring! hehe). 

So, this is the series that I'd like to do...

And I'd like to invite you! 
Yes, any of you reading this. Malaysian or from anywhere in the world. Blogger, or not. Teenager or adult. No matter what background you are. Simply anyone with an (INspiring) story. 

Uh hum... but what is inspiring?
Well, the thing is anything can be inspiring. 
It doesn't have to be such a big thing, but even simple things in life. 
Maybe your life. 
Or your family member - your mum, dad, brother, sis, newborn. 
Or why you like cooking. 
Or (certain) music. 
Movies too. 
Or a cool place/ city/ country that you've been to. 
How bout photography? 
Or your career. 
The list goes on..

Of course, I'm also open to ideas like your success story, a community project you did or was moved by, etc etc. 

If you are keen, simply drop me an email or tweet/ fb me. 

Let's share, and INspire, shall we? :)

*I'm not sure how many people I'll be inviting for the start, but maybe 1 guest a week for 12 consecutive weeks for the start? :)


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