Monday, April 04, 2011

The Start Of My 2 Weeks Travel!

Ahh, I remember the times when I traveled mad. That was like 2-3 years back during my more 'freelance' days.

But then business came, and the super duper travels seem distant memories.. And for quite a while it felt so.. well, not till... err, now!

Yeap, cos this time round, I'm taking 2 good weeks to travel, travel & travel!

penang bridge
The farewell to Penang taken today!

In fact I have started my travels.. I just got back from a 3 fun days, and 2 super nights from the Pearl of the Orient - Penang!

It has been one awesome weekend! More of that to come...

But for now, I'll be busy traveling! There's land of the friendliness coming up - Manila (oh yeah, Ooh La La!).. and then there's Bangkok too (kap!)! And in between, another trip up again to Penang! (oh, I'm so gonna be Penang-fied!).

I'm so looking forward to these 2 weeks of travel.. And all I can say is YAY!
No, make it quadraple YAY! Hahaha!!! :)


  1. Traveling seems to open one's eyes to the world, to see how things work, how people live, how similar or different certain systems in a country compared to ours. And at the same time, it allows one to rewind, relax, soak in the moment :D

    I wish you an enjoyable and productive trip, and safe travels! :D

  2. War....if only we have your luxury of time right? :p

  3. so nice! u got the time for travelling! :D:D


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