Thursday, January 31, 2013

Must Visit Bangkok: Grand Palace!

Think images of Bangkok.. and one can't miss the Grand Palace. It's so much an identity of this City Of Angels (I love calling it this)!

And they say that one hasn't visited Bangkok if one hasn't visited here. And most tourists usually make this as one of the places they visit on their very first trip!!

But well as a frequent traveler I am.. be surprised but this is my very first time visiting here!!

Well, it's not that I didn't attempt to go the last time.. but it's just that previously, I came a lil too late (I think I arrived bout 4pm which by then the ticket booths were already closed)

So this time round, I made sure to arrive a lil earlier so I can buy the tickets on time!

So what is it about the Grand Palace? Well, this palace which was built in 1782 is the former residence of the Thai King for about 150 years!!

And till today, this place is well preserved! And in simple words.. grand!!

Imagine if one were to witness the period when it was still the official residence and administration centre.. definitely lots of life and colour!!).

Well, here are some shots inside the palace. You can see the intricate details and wonderful architecture!

I must say - I am awed! And I'm sure I'm not the only one!

In fact, I'm not just awed but proud too. That in this region, there is such a structure so grand and beautiful.

Ah, this is Thailand.. a place that really never stops amazing!

*Tip to visiting the Grand Palace: it's advisable to dress in long pants and no sleeveless tees. Also as the place is decently huge, do wear a cap if you have one!!

And yea, plan about 2 hours to cover the grounds. I was surprised I took that long - even though I did rush through some sections of the Grand Palace.

The guide map will come in handy too :)

Oh yes, so now I can safely say that I've also covered the Grand Palace, and "have visited Bangkok"! Yay!!


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