Thursday, January 10, 2013

Must Visit Bangkok: Chatuchak Weekend Market

What are the many places to visit in Bangkok? It has got to be the Chatuchak (also known as Jatujak) Weekend Market!

While I've been to Bangkok numerous times, but I've only been to this weekend market twice before.

And to be honest I wasn't expecting the best from this last visit. But something tells me that I've yet to explore this market fully, and I just need to go back.

I always like looking at the sellers from the BTS above.. on my way to Chatuchak market. 
Well, with some local friends together, this visit to the Chatuchak Weekend Market turned out pretty well.

The reason - well, they brought me to the Soi (street) seeking exactly what I came looking for - cool Bangkok/ Thai fashion and tees!!

Love the panda bear tee!
Know which tee is my fancy? 

Mickey Mouse doing the Muay Thai tees!
Now the Sois here are a lil more well decorated and artsy. And there are lots of cool tshirts shops. I found the likes of localized Mickey Mouse tees (in Thai kick boxing) to Batman tees, tees with funny sexy words and more.

I got my Batman tee here!

I like the bug on this shirt!

Then there are also those pretty cool Thai designer shirts.. which I wanted to buy. But well.. the sizes are a lil too Thai size (ie small!). That's kinda pity.

Extremely unique shoes eh?

Other stuff at these Sois I saw include a shop selling homemade soaps and such. I thought some if these stuff are pretty cool. There's also cool shoes and bags too!

I must say I took a fair bit if time walking shop to shop. And ended up pretty tired. But still, there were more things to see on the "main road".. like more Thai products - like tees, paintings and porcelains.

What a nice LOVE cup!
Owh and there's much food to try too! I tried the mango sticky rice here and drank some drink that came in such a cute cup! And yea, I had some popsicle (serves well while shopping and getting all sweaty!).

Owh too cute USB drives!
Finally before leaving, I saw the superhero mugs.. which I so had to get! And upon walking back to the sky train, I bought another superhero stuff - the Batman USB!

On the way out, more stuff to see!

Ah, this trip to the market is awesome! And I look forward to coming back here again - to check out the other sections and probably look for more superhero stuffs!! (Plus maybe some cool tees and singlets too!).

*I read from sources that this market only opens on weekdays too, but with less stalks open.. I can't verify that as I only visit here on weekends!

*Getting to the Chatuchak Weekend Market is easy.. just stop at the Mo Chit BTS Station. There are sign boards around or just follow the crowd! It's less than 5 minutes to the market.


  1. I want that panda bear T shirt!! LOL! Oh it opens during weekdays too?

  2. Do you remember which soi was it with all the cool tees? I'm going in March

  3. do you remember from where you got the superhero stuff? which soi was it? also can you tell me where to find transformers stuff (like necklaces with deceptions logo) in bangkok? im going in two days and please let me know :)

  4. i like the area around section 4 soi 1. and nearby there. those are more designer like. probably can find yr stuff there. if not, go there first.. then ask around after :)


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