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Bangkok Hotel Review: Furama Silom Bangkok

Furama. The name itself should give some bit if weight for those in the region. After all, this is a group chain with hotels all over the countries in South East Asia.

So when I saw their hotel deal, I thought that is a good deal to grab. And so, the 2nd hotel I stayed was the Furama Hotel Silom.

The exterior if the hotel may not give the impression of a luxury business hotel for it is just another shop lot - though a lil taller. One would be forgiven to think that this hotel is a boutique hotel.

But well, the lobby is a lil more impressive, giving an idea that this hotel has more to offer.

Well - yes, and no.

The room I had is beautiful. It has a glass window separating the bathroom with the bedroom - giving it some classy feel.

And the window do come with views of Bangkok - which is a plus for travelers who want rooms with windows, and not just crampy views.

While those are plus points, but I think what make this hotel stands out is it's rooftop swimming pool.. which has a 360 degrees view. I swam here both in the day and night, and truly enjoyed my swim.

Now what's the low points here? Their service are not up to par to that near perfect image they potrait. And it's a pity.

While at the pool, they ran out of towels.. and when asked, they just shrugged. This left me walking back in the cold and just with my trunk back to my room.

Then on one of the days, as I got back to my room, the door was left ajar. The cleaners probably made up the room but forgot to close it (I'm making a guess here).

Luckily I didnt leave any valuables laying around. So nothing was stolen but still that was quite a rude shock. I did mention this to the reception and well I just got a simple answer of them taking note, but with no apologies whatsoever. Ah, not that good in a country that has pretty high customer service standards.. no?

The final part that I didn't quite like bout the hotel is the breakfasts. Well, they try - for they have a buffet spread.. But like many 4 stars hotels, such spreads are usually limited and not that tempting. Again, I'm comparing this with the many other boutique hotels that I've stayed - in Bangkok. Personally, I'd suggest to the hotel to forget the buffet.. but instead give the guests ala carte menus. This has worked well for a few other hotels I've stayed previously, giving me a much better breakfast experience.

So how will I rate this hotel? Here's my conclusion.. If there's a really good offer, well you can consider this hotel for the location (Silom) and the pool. But don't expect too much and do be careful of your belongings.

*Address and contact
533 Silom Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Tel: (66) 2 688 6888
Fax: (66) 2 688 6889

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