Monday, January 21, 2013

Eating Insects In Bangkok!

Have you heard of the Thais eating insects? Or your tourist friends telling you about it? Perhaps their experience?

Well, if you haven't.. then let me share with you some pics of these insects..

Nearby the Surasak BTS lies a push cart selling a fair range of insects. Now you may wonder I'd go ga-ga over it.. but well I didn't. Partly I've actually seen such before in one of my previous trips in Bangkok (well back then, I was..! ).

And at that time, I actually bought a packet of crickets to try too - which btw was really crunchy (and as online research says - nutritious).

However this time round, I stayed away from eating any. I guess no Thai friends were around to cheer me on.. or dare me!! Haha!!

While I understand not all Thais eat them, but still this is pretty cool.. and exotic too.

And eating these insects falls within some of the "weird" food I've tried in my life.

How bout you.. will you try this?

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