Thursday, January 24, 2013

Come, Take A Seat (Bangkok Restaurant Review)

Quaint and cosy.. plus a lil romantic. This is Take A Seat.

The name is catchy and the restaurant do live up to its name. And yea, I'm fortunate to have visited this restaurant in Bangkok.. thanks to one of my fellow Malaysian friend who recommended this place.

The exterior of the restaurant was already rather welcoming.. but more so in the inside.

And while Bangkok maybe known for its traffic jam, and even though this restaurant is at a busy street.. but sitting in this restaurant do feel really relax and comfy. I specially like sitting at the courtyard area of this restaurant.. just feels homely.

Service here is good. Staffs are friendly..

And food wise - pretty yummy too. They have the usual fare of authentic Thai dishes, served pretty nicely.

We came in a rather big group and so we had a fair share of good food - from the likes of fried fish to seafood cooked in curry.. and there's squid and also cockles.

I must say all of them were nice - my favourite being the Tom Yum Goong and the fried fish.

Owh we also had the water spinach (aka kangkung) which was fresh and cooked just right.

The desserts were pretty ok too.. though for that, I still think the main course were better.

Overall, a good place to dine, and chill - for both tourists and locals alike!

*Address and Contact
38 Narathiwat Soi 2 | Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand
02-634 8964

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