Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bangkok Pub Review: Checkmate At Asiatique

There's a new spot in the city.. a spanking new and happening hangout place by the river. That is Asiatique - an open air mall area visited by both locals and tourists.

And the last trip, I went there! I like the many shops there but I was a lil too late for shopping. So what I did was that I headed to one of the pubs there.. the Checkmate.

The pub welcomes with huge statues of chess figures. That's pretty cool.. and which gave the place character.

And the inside - its pretty cosy. My friends and I chose to sit by the bar which was nicely lit.

Service was good (I remember the staffs being attentive and friendly), the drinks pretty ok (we had a bottle of champagne from their extensive list).. and what I also like - the music. That night, the lady singer sang English pop songs, but with her own unique style.. accompanied by the band.

All these made for a good chilling time at Checkmate!

I chanced upon this cafe, just as my friends.. And it left me with a good impression of what Asiatique has to offer..!!

If you are visiting Asiatique as a tourist, you can give this place a checkout and see if you'd like to chill for some drinks. And if you are local, why not too? Or should I say you just might have done so already? :)

*Phone: 081-866-4055
Checkmate, Asiatique The Riverfront, 2194 Charoen Krung Soi 72-74, Bangkok, Thailand

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