Monday, January 07, 2013

Bangkok Food Review: Silom Soi 2 Chicken Rice And Pork Rice

Bangkok has good chicken rice! Yes believe you me.. the chicken rice there (also known as khao man gai) is pretty awesome!

And the 1 stall I like lots is this night stall just in front of Silom Soi 2.

The stall is just by the busy area if Silom, and one might not think much of it.. though it can be kinda crowded at times.

But if you are in Silom, well try this you must. The chicken rice has all the right mix for a good chicken rice - tender chicken, rice soft enough and Chilli just good!

Owh and if that's not enough, also order the pork rice at the next stall.. that is also aroi (yummy) - tho not the best in Bangkok!!

Btw here's a tip. If you spot this chicken rice stall, don't miss the opportunity to eat there and then (clubbing can wait!).. cos the food here sells fast! And don't think of putting off to the next day too - cos this stall don't open consistently..

Chicken rice lovers, and foodies.. take note! :)


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