Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thank You For The Experience, Papulex!

I've been invited to share for a few campaigns before.. but nothing really beats Papulex Bloggers' Challenge!!

I've learnt one step further on taking care of my skin.. and preventing it from acne breakouts. That's of course the whole main aim.

I've talked to a specialist on this - and came out a lil wiser, I'd say!

I've also used their products, and yes.. did a video out of it! Hehe.

But that's not all. Apparently, there's more. Papulex believes in an overall wellness.. and so me and fellow bloggers were given a retreat bout 2 weekends ago.

Bloggers buddies (well the 3 in front) and one organiser hehe :)
And it's not just any retreat! Instead, it was a retreat of 2 days 1 night to Philea Resort Melaka!! Wow!!

I may come from Malaca.. but I've never stayed here before. So when this opportunity came, it was like a mini goal come true!!

Me on the bed... ah, dream come true to stay in Philea!
The full retreat was - very much as is. Ie to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

And in between we had some games like a treasure hunt. There were clues all over the resort, and we bloggers were to hunt for them treasures! And I actually surprised myself in this game - by yes, being the winner! Wahhh..!!

Looks like a ring inside? Well guess what I won for the Treasure Hunt! :)
We also had some time for bonding with fellow bloggers - from during the meals and also while swimming.

It's always more relaxing to swim in a resort. 
On the following day, we had a short briefing session again by the doctor.. with more insights on taking cafe of our skin.

Me and one of the organisers, Harmini

Organisers and fellow bloggers.. all smiles during lunch.
And finally, we had a short road trip to Malacca town - yes my hometown! Haha!! We had Nyonya food there.. at Nyonya Makko before a short stop over at Jonkers.

And then we headed back to KL!

Overall, this whole journey has been one unique experience. And yes, I'm proud to have been a part of this!

Thank you, Papulex!! :)

*I'm part of the Papulex Bloggers' Challenge. If you like this post, do vote for me (please)!! :D

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