Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Love Waze App!

Getting to unknown places isn't that fun when I don't know the roads.

I remember the time when I relied on those book maps. Then I progressed to printing out Google Maps via the web.

But as I got the iPhone, I shifted to using the Google Maps app. That served the purpose pretty well.. not needing a reason to get a GPS device.

But as I upgraded to iOS 6, the app disappeared.. and then I was lost! I can't be going back to printing maps.. so I began looking for alternatives. And one that stood out is this Waze app.

In fact, I've seen this app before - recommended by a friend. But at that time, I found the whole 3D thing more complicated than the simple Google Maps. And the emoticon like cars just wasn't what I thought a navigation app/ guide should be.

So while I was reluctant to try it, but I thought why not. And that's when my perception changed!

There are lots to like about the app.

1. Search by 4Square!
There are a few ways to search for location, and usually for places like a building with a name or a restaurant, searching by 4Square sure comes in handy as most of the times, these places are already on 4Square.

2. Short Cuts!
The other day I was driving into the city, at the peak hour. At first, Waze gave a certain route.. but while driving, the app changed the routes according to the traffic. It gave new routes with less traffic and glad to say, I arrived my destination on time!

3. Choose Routes!
There are times when I think I know a certain route better than Waze.. or routes that I'm more familiar with. Well, Waze allows us to choose the routes we like - usually giving a few suggestions and are not like some GPS which are so much more rigid.

4. Calculation Of ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)!
This is a display that's live base on traffic conditions ahead. Sometimes this increase and at times it decrease too. I personally find this very accurate. Which helps when going for meetings - just to be on time!

5. Inform Of Hazards And The Policemen!

As this is a community app, fellow users can report of hazards like slippery roads. Other users will then be informed when they are near it (on the same route).

While that's already good, but the other good thing bout this app - to be notified if there are speed traps or those policemen and road blocks! For then, one can take alternative routes to avoid them (comes in handy especially at nights after clubbing!).

6. Input Of Favourite Locations

Initially I thought that this wasn't important till when there are times when I was in different part of the city, and just didn't know which was the best route home.

At first, I kept typing my home address, but later I went ahead and saved my home address on to the app.. so it's an easy click and less hassle to type the whole long address!

I also like the voice and the fact that it (usually) inform in advance on what turn to do next.

So far, I've been using this for about a couple of months now, and have gotten to most of my destinations with the app.

There are only 2 not so good moments with the app, but that's another story.

For now, I do suggest you to get this app if you're looking for a pretty powerful GOS app!!

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