Friday, January 04, 2013

Line App 1st Event In KL!

Sometime in November last year, I noticed on my FB timeline that Line was 'coming to KL'!!

Being a fan if the app, I had to make my way to Pavilion for the event.

Well, the 'event' was near Tokyo Street (how appropriate as Line comes from Japan).

I was expecting a bigger event actually.. and probably meeting the Line characters live.

But owh, I must say I was a lil disappointed that I didn't meet any.

What I saw and took photos with however is the stand up cardboard a of the Line characters. Well, that made up for it, in some way.

For I took photo with one of my favourite Line characters - Brown! I also took photo with their main mascot - Moon!

I might have bought some Line souvenirs too, if they were for sale, but again sadly not. Instead the cute lil toys and stickers were only for display :(

I didn't know bout this till at this event! :)

This Line event in KL is small compared to some others held overseas.

Probably the Malaysian Line users are still not as big (yet)?

Ah, I hope this will change.. and that the next Line event will be bigger and I'll see the characters live! :)

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