Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just About 6 Months Ago - Till Today

Slightly over 6 months ago, I left sunny island Singapore to head upwards to the Klang Valley (PJ to be exact).

While there are many pull & push factors, but the one main reason for 'the big move' is because I want to expand my business. While I'm happy with my past works, but I have much bigger dreams to be realised, and it's time to get into the next gear.

Settling down aside, my first task was to look for an office. Now that wasn't as simple as I thought it would be... mainly because I'm not that familiar with the areas in KL & PJ (till today, there are many areas which I'm discovering every week!).

Next came the furniture - what to buy & where to buy (again, note I'm not from here, so that took a while to find out).

Once those were settled, then came finding the Dream Team. And I think this is the most important aspect of them all. I needed to find people who have the same vision & goals to work together.

Over the months, I've found my teammates bit by bit. Of course, there were also the bad apple (1 only), and 1 has also left due to other commitments. But the rest, they have been around & growing. Along the way, I've met more nice people around and have made them part of the Dream Team too.

Well, looking back, it has been quite an interesting past 6 months. I've definitely grown personally. And the company as well.

While previously I only work with teammates for a few months on project basis - where the team dissolves once the project is done, but now, it's different. We are all here for a long term & a bigger goal. It's no more just purely product development, but also the full process of a business.

And of course, now, I'm overseeing much more things. I'm learning to grow the company yet at the same time learning to handle my teammates. There are the good days & the not-so-good days as well.

I must admit life is quite different from the 'honeymoon days' I used to have for the past 2 years prior where I could travel much more. Though I sometimes do miss the travels, but, I"m not complaining.

In fact I'm enjoying it. And so far, the company do seem to be heading in the right direction though there's still lots more for me to learn, and the company to grow. But as for now, we've taken our very first big step - having launched our 'first baby' yesterday! Hooray! :)

*Some of u already know what is the business I'm doing. For those of u who don't, well, stay tuned! It will be revealed in the next post! :)


  1. yeah it's always hard to set up a company but to maintain it well is real the challenge... all the best dude =p i may need your help once i have completed my studies... got several big dreams i wanna make them come true....

  2. Can I be in your team too bro? :p Hahahaha.

    Anyway all the best to you bro. Maybe one day we can work together. Who knows right?

  3. fufu, tekkaus
    sorry this super late reply haha (hardly reply my blogs comments..oops!)

    but yes, i think we all can work together someday :)


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