Sunday, March 14, 2010

My New BIG Baby

8th March 2010. That's the date of my 'newest born' baby: (pronounced Hooray!


The Dream
The idea of this new biz venture came about while I was promoting my first book (Batik Inspirations). At that time, I was promoting my book to as many bookstores in the region.

After a few deals, and also after familiarising myself in the book industry & making friends with fellow publishers.. I thought that there are many other publishers like myself: not too big, but some with great books. And the issue - we're all doing our own things ourselves.

And that got me thinking: wouldn't it be better if we (the independent publishers) could actually team up together and come united under 1 big umbrella? (this relates back to a post I wrote: Chopsticks Story).

That goes back to around 2006-2007. And in 2008, I wrote the business proposal for

The aim was simple - unite book publishers together, and we'll become stronger as one, all of us having more sales... but most importantly, we can also give back the huge discounts to the buyers.

With all ideas in place, it was time to start on the work (that's where the bold move to moving to PJ came about + finding the Dream Team).

So finally, after 3-4 years of idea to development, I'm ready to present the newest baby:! (finally!)

So guys & girls - especially booklovers & those loving all things Malaysia, do take a look at our new store! You might just find that one unique Malaysian read... or maybe be interested in our super deals! :)

book deals
Or of course, u can also join our Read 4 Less Facebook contest! (RM120 vouchers to be won weekly!).

book deals contest
*And yes, my humble thick skin request: please share the site with your khakis, kawan kawan, pang yao & friends! :)


  1. Congrates to you bro. next time if I can an author I can find you for advice? :p

  2. Congrats on your online bookstore! : )

  3. yeah nice!!! but i dont read that much... anyway wish you all the best mate =p

  4. Congrats!

    Do you only sell books published among yourselves or you sell books by other authors/publishers too?

  5. thank u all for the nice wishes. all these really possible with the help of god & my teammates :)

    its books from all publishers - for now, from malaysian publishers :)


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