Monday, May 02, 2011

Inspired by Manila!

Me liking Manila is no more secret. Yes, I have fallen in love with this city.. to some point it impress some Pinoy friends too.

i love philippines

There's so many things that I love bout this city.. and here are some additional stuff, which mainly relates to its freedom (in all senses)! :)

batman tee
Firstly, I love the tees in Manila, especially the original Batman tees! They are unique & come in a huge variety.. oh and did I say affordable too? (yeah, so much so that I got myself 4 pieces or more hehe).

manila southpark tee
Okay, some of u may not be into Batman.. how bout Southpark?
Or want tees that are a lil louder? They have it here too!

southpark tee
Take your picking.. there's a load full of them in the malls. Btw not any ordinary mall but the pretty cool SM Departmental Store!

noynoy tshirt
Ok if that is a lil too loud, how bout this then? A tee for Mr President - Noynoy Aquino. First, it's so cool to have tees for the President (he must be really loved for the people to do this), plus the tee has nice words too!

pinoy lab
Tees & more cool patriotic tees.. I came across this brand. I like their designs, and also the name of their brand.
It's so Filipina, yet proudly so! :)

And that's not the only brand I saw with a cool name.. check this out too. Team Manila Lifestyle. Tho it feels like it's inspired from the American Dream Team in some ways, but still.. it's localised to a proud Filipino version!

cock tee
Oh btw, talking bout tees and all, I saw this tee in a shop called 'Cock House'. Now before you go thinking sideways, this is for the cock in the cock fights.

cock house philippines
I just had to take this picture.. Haha!

philippines coke zero
I also love the boldness of some of the Philippines adverts.. some of them are sexy yet not overly, and is a good tease.
Now, tell me which guy don't want a Coke Zero now huh?

Not a coke fan? Well try the Sprite or orange then? It will make you happy! Hahaha!

bananas sunshine
I don't know what the people behind these tagline thought of when they did this, but tell me what came to your mind looking at this? Ehem :)

philippines car sticker
From being sexy, they are one open minded bunch (or so it seems heh). This is a car sticker I saw at the mall. Hehehe.  (btw this so outdo what I thought we have back home huh). 

car sticker manila
Okay, again, if that was too loud, there's always another version. How bout this? Cool enough for your car? :)

Okayyy, some of you (more conservative readers) must be asking - what's so inspiring of all the above stickers & tees heh.. well, I've got some for you too :)

Tadaa.. took this poster, and it should inspire all in some ways or rather I hope. It caught my attention - first the designs, then the words :)

inspiring words philippines
And here a nice card (though a pricey one), that I found at the bookstore too! I love these words!

Looking at all these, I must say, I can only love Manila.. more & more! Truly, a place for to express freely! Oh yeah! :)


  1. By reading your post you have made all of us feel that Philippine is a great country. :D

  2. Can you wear those 'loud' t-shirts in Malaysia?


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