Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yay To Mothers Day!

It is not that usual for me to make it a point to physically celebrate Mother's Day with my mum for the past many years. Being in a different city and work has always been some hindrance in some ways.. and I guess I've never emphasised the day much myself (bad huh).

But I guess in some ways, I'm 'growing up'.. looking back at how hard mum has worked till today, and of course her love for the family.

So, this year, I made an exception and 'balik kampung' to Melaka to celebrate the happy occasion.. oh yeah! :)

mum peranakan cooking
The first thing I was greeted when I got home, apart from the happy mum's smiles is her cooking. I guess many out there will always agree that (your) mum's cooking is always the best.. and I can't agree more (well next to grandma's lah hehe).

mcdonald mothers day
While mum's cooking was for lunch, but we had McD for dinner.. Guess what? Mum chose it huh. Hehe. Well she hardly eats fast food but one big reason we had this this time round is cos we were kinda rushing for the movie thereafter. So McD it was.

Btw it's nice to note that we are eating McD together again after all these years.

I still remember the times my mum brought me to eat McD when I was a kid.. and collected all the goodies & toys!

Kinda deja vu in some ways though no toy now, but err.. yeah, I got that mug. Haha.

I stayed back a few more days (till today) in Melaka.. and spent a lil more time with mum. Btw apart from the McD & movie, it was also fun getting mum to walk on the 'padang' on top of Dataran Pahlawan mall on the way to the McD (was evening sun) :)

The other days were pretty fun too - we also had durians, went jalan jalan at the Mahkota Mall, tried a new kopitiam at a place we hardly go (the mee hoon kueh was not bad!)..  and also had the super yummy Filipino food at one of our restaurant (okay maybe my favourite hehe).

Masarap dinner.. at Laguna Filipino Restaurant
In all, I'm glad to have taken some time off to be back for Mother's Day. It was fun, and in any case just nice spending time with non other than mum herself! :)


  1. Wee.....wishing a Happy Mother's Day to your lovely mum too!!^^ She's awesome!! I bet she's very happy to have you staying and being with her this long!!

    It's the best Mother's Day present she could ever have!! Err....well, besides having many grandchildren lar....ahaha!! Opps!! :P

    Cheers to you and your mum, QuaChee!!^^

  2. aiseh! so sweet! haha ur mom sure extremely happy with ur physically presence for the mom's day. :D Happy Mother's day to ur mommy ok! :D

  3. kangkung!!! omg i wanna eat!!! also durian!!!! :p

  4. Wah! So good boy ah spend time with mommy ah? : D

    Happy Belated Mother's Day to your mom! : )


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