Monday, May 23, 2011

You Too Can Be King/ Queen!!!

Kings, Queens... Princes & Princesses. They are more fantasy than reality huh? Or at least all these seem to be in a faraway untouchable land.. that we are not included (or should I say kena excluded haha)..

Anyway, if the closest you think you can get to the Royal blood..  is to gawk & get glued with the likes of Prince William's & Princess Kate's wedding.. then, you are in for a surprise!

For, you too can live a life like a KING or QUEEN! Oh #YEAH!

Imagine this life...

zicco tees
You first start wearing the I am King/ Queen tees (by Zicco Tees) to show that you are for REAL. Ehem.

Then you get (or should I say given) a camera that is to capture your all new Royal life with your all new Pentax RS1000.

You wanna take some good shots, cos you'll be then compiling them into a personalised photobook by Photo & Print.

chi fitness
And in the mornings, you head over to the lifestyle gym at Chi Fitness for a good workout - be it cycling, jogging, carrying weights, or swimming at the pool.

For your afternoon tea, you only have the best cookies from Delectable By Su.

mamadeedee restaurant
And dinner time, you are set for that unique dining experience at Mamadeedee!

Finally, once you call it a day (& night), you use the Inuovi skincare (okay for the Kings, then your Royal Queen uses them lah :) ).

Does all the above sounds too good to be true?

No, this is really for REAL. 

Cos these are the prizes that we are running under the Online King & Queen Contest! Yes, whoever get crowns King or Queen will get all the above... and also a big mention of Project O&O Facebook Fanpage!

And of course, full bragging rights!!! :) (who don't wanna blow yr trumpets if u r King/ Queen?).

*All you need to do to join this contest is simply - tweet, update your FB status or blog on 6 things about  Project O&O. It's really that simple to be King/ Queen!

*Full details: Project O&O Online King/ Queen Contest.

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