Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Lil Bit More Manila And Its Malls

Manila, and more Manila.. some of you would have read my love for this city oh so much now. And just when you thought it's over, well, I've got a lil more. Hehe. 

And this time round.. it's about the malls I visited this trip! (I say this trip cos there's so many malls out there in Manila!).

eastwood mall love

LOVE! How appropriate! Btw this was at Eastwood City Mall, where they do host cool celebrity events here - people like Basil Valdez (yeah, I saw him perform the last time round!) & even K poppers 2AM! (too bad I missed that though I saw the poster promoting their concert).

eastwood mall

I guess not many people would most likely visit Eastwood Mall, especially if you are a tourist, as it's more like a suburban mall. But I live at this area whenever I'm in Manila, so I kinda grow fond of it.

Besides, it is quite a decent mall. Just enough lifestyle stuff to keep one occupied.. such as the Bench tees (a cool Philippines clothing line) & the oh-so-cool bookstore, Fully Booked! (their bookstores are different from what we have back home.. more lifestyle indulgent!).

Oh, and I kinda like the cinema here too for its lazyboy chair experience & eat-all-u-want popcorns that comes along with it.. Drool!

eastwood mall  pub

But I guess, the main pull factor to the Eastwood Malls (there's 1 & 2) is the pubs & restaurants outside. It's really a nice place to just chill - especially in the night.

I was also told the celebrities do hang out at this area a bit. Well, I bumped into actor Jericho Rosales, and that must be true!


Oh btw, and if you ever visit this mall on the weekend, do get these super yummy cookies at the bazaar. Always a souvenir to bring back for me!

mall of asia

If mall-ing is your thing, the not-to-be-missed mall is most likely Mall Of Asia, which is one of the biggest mall in Asia!

I've been here each time I came to Manila, and this trip too! Well, the main reason this time round is - I have never experienced this mall in full... so while I had time now, I thought, why not? Besides, it is one nice mall!

mall of asia bay

Okay, the mall is HUGE! There's lots of shops, restaurants & a very nice departmental store (good to get those Filipino souvenirs like the dried mangos & also the popcorns, Filipino music & DVDS too!).

But what makes this mall really stand out from the many malls across the major cities in Asia is that it's by the bay. 
Tired of shopping? Well, take a break by the bay, and if lucky, a nice sunset with it!

snow ice skating mall of asia

Of course, if 'winter' is your thing, then there's the ice skating ring.. with snow! Hahaha!

mall of asia globe
Me & the globe that greets every customer coming to this mall. As my Filipino friend says "Now u can tell that you've really been to Mall Of Asia". LOL!
makati manila

Now, there's another row of malls that I visited this time round too.. all of which were located side by side in downtown Makati. But of the many, the one that stands out is non other than Greenbelt.

Me, my military dog tag & my Batman tee from Manila! Oh and yeah, backdrop is Greenbelt ehem

Btw, Makati is like the upmarket business & lifestyle area in Manila, and it's quite a nice experience being here.

And about this mall - it's spacious, have nice environment, not too crowded.. ahhh, yeah, a lil atas (upmarket) lah.. hehe!

The shops are a lil high end tho. However, there's still something that attracts me: the bookstore & the cafes & restaurants around the gardens area. Sometimes, the DVD/ music store too, but I bought a fair bit of Pinoy songs & DVDs at Mall Of Asia already!

batman comic manila

Btw this was taken at the bookstore in Greenbelt.. you can say it's like a Batman's fans every dream! Hahaha!

There, my short but eventful mall-ing experience in Manila.

I'm not sure if writing this post changes perception of some who have yet to step into this city.. I mean, I myself never knew what was in Manila nor how cool the malls here can be till I landed here bout  2 years back..

But now I know, and really, Manila.. Ooh La La!

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  1. Manila seems to be coming up with so many surprising things to see and brings a total excitement.I too wasn't aware of the place but now i am a known of this and would like to visit soon.

  2. How come suddenly Manila is like a very "in" place to be right now? :p


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