Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eastwood City Philippines

Malls, malls and more malls - well that is what I did in Manila... partly because I've heard so much about their malls from both local Filipinos and even other tourists who have visited there.

Plus the fact that my friends keep saying that "the malls in Manila are very nice" - not so much for the shops, but the whole way the malls are designed.

eastwood philippinesSo, there I was in one of their another mall, which is actually more like a commercial cum residential enclave - Eastwood City.

To some who has seen malls with space (a fair bit of it actually), this may just be another mall. But there's a few things that makes this mall area stand out.

eastwood concert areaThe space for outdoor concerts and the place for flea markets/ bazaars.

eastwood fountainThe musical fountain - though not very big, but I thought it was an effort by the management... it reminded me a bit of a Macau hotel and other tourist destinations, though this area is more for the locals than tourists.

eastwood puppetThe human statues which were quite a hit by passersby who like to take photos and tease a lil. Frankly, a mall don't need to do this... so when one does it, it's a nice touch.

eastwood puppet showAnother human statue - the more colourful one inside the mall.

eastwood restaurantThe mall area comes alive in the night... with lots of eateries and bars all catering to the working executives. And I think this is what makes such areas nice - its both work and play.

eastwood walk of fameAnd they also have the walk of fame. Out of curiousity, I was checking if it's updated or a has been - and true enough, it is updated... popular boxer Manny Pacquiao's Star is there too!

These are all small things, but like I said, most malls don't do such... in fact, not many malls have such small details to 'entertain'. But it's the small things when added together that makes Eastwood City cool!

eastwood pet for saleBtw, one of the things I saw here - a dog/ cat for adoption booth. Like how they 'market' it with the posters.

*I also like the cinema here where for about 400 peso, one can go for the full experience eat+drink all you want in their lazy-chair theatres.

*I had initially wanted to just combine this mall with all the other malls in my review, but then decided I won't do justice to this mall if I had done so... haha! Anyway, bigger malls on the way!


  1. Nice pictures.

    The second picture with the tent-like roofing reminds me of KL's Bintang Walk.

  2. Wow! Phillipines has lots of malls too huh! Yupe! I would love to snap myself with the statues. :)

  3. very nice pics, so so cool :) keep those pictures comimg

  4. I like the statues and the Walk of Fame. Nice : )

  5. I used to live in this area...

    So that guy is still there, huh!?

    In my opinion, the Philippines is a beautiful country, but Manila is simply not the Philippines.

    You should have gone to the beach in Boracay or Chocolate Hills in Bohol... Breathtakingly beautiful!

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