Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Inspiring Friends

friends sitcom Recently, I just opened and started playing my DVD box set of one of the most popular TV series - Friends.

friends It has been such a long time since I first got glued to one of the most popular TV series of this group of 6... And though the show is somewhat old now (Season 1 premiered in 1993), however, just watching them again now makes me somehow connected all over again.

What I love bout the series:
1. The warmth of the 6 friends. It shoes how close friends can really be - this reminds me very much like friends in school.
2. The wit of the characters - especially Phobee's! The script is really perfectly crafted, and every series is a joy to watch!
3. Urban culture - the characters are facing what most Gen Y faces... growing up, surviving, dreams (eg Joey)... and a journey of friendship.
4. American culture - set in NY, this series do protray the American dream in some sorts, though not in the most ideal, but very much in the area of happiness & contentment.
Watching the series again gives quite a fair bit of good memories... for this is the series that in a way influenced me especially introducing me to the good of America.
Anyway, apart from just liking the series for it is, I'm also very inspired with the cast themselves. Though some of them has done some acting prior, however, before that - most of them are relatively not-so-known or unknown... more like 'struggling actors' wanting a breakthrough.
But in they came for the audition, got the roles, and see how their real lives are changed! From just another actor, they became one of TV's biggest starts, and apparently received USD1m/ episode in their final 2 seasons! More importantly, they are part of one of the most successful sitcoms ever.... something most actors would only dream of.

Now that sure is inspiring :)


  1. I love this series too. I have been watching it like..since I'm in secondary school. Nowadays I still watch it. Awesome. :D Their antics are really hilarious!

  2. wow, such an old drama... i totally forgotten about it, but i luv their funny moments...

    i cant stand one of the guy being dumb though!! hahhaa

  3. my fav show too !!! i just re-watching it one year ago ... :P

  4. I love Friends and am glad that Astro is rescreening it all over again - consecutive episodes at one time too. *Happy*

    Wonderful to be going back in time and reliving those memories, eh? We can now sit back and notice how beautiful Jennifer Aniston was (and still is) and how cute Phoebe (though could be smarter) is and the different sizes Chandler has gone thru, etc. And who can forget Marcel, the monkey. Awwww...

    Yep, maybe I should go out and get myself a set for keepsake. I also enjoyed 'Sex and the City' and 'Gilmore Girls', and 'The Nanny' too. Their scripts and lines are so refreshing!

    Hey, have you thought of putting up a sitcom along the lines of Friends using Sgp context? Food for thought, eh?


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