Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Manila Malls!

Malls, and more Manila malls! Looking back, I realised I have been to so many malls in Manila in my trip - most probably the most I've ever done!

Already, I've covered 3 rather different malls - Greenhills, Greenbelt, and Eastwood City... and here's a few more that I went to.

Bonifacio High Street

bonifacio high street
The first one I'd like to introduce is this high end enclave - which is like a work-play city. And like the name, it's pretty high end with high end shops and residences. Btw does the 2nd pic look foreign like in USA, by chance?

bonifacio high street cafeWhat I fancy here is the many shops and cafes around this area. They really take pains to decorate the shops - and really, it does feel all foreign here. I happen to have the opportunity to go into one of the cafes and just awe and admire the interior, while having a good cup of hot chocolate the night before.

Market! Market!

market marketIt may seem seem a lil surprising as just opposite the high end Bonifacio High Street is a mall which may just seem like the opposite, Market! Market! Though of course, it's not really that opposite.

Anyway, the first thing that caught my attention is this 'banana tree'. It sure gives a good start to the 'market'.

market market food courtThe food court here is much more reasonable compared to the restaurants at Bonifacio's. Just look at the prized piglet!

Another interesting thing here - the many local delicacies from all over Philippines - from Pahlawan to Bohol and more. Oh ya, I noticed that the Philippines is quite popular maker of peanut butter!

SM Mall Of Asia

mall of asiaThe one mall which I really wanted to visit - the biggest in Philippines and 3rd largest in the world is non other than this Mall Of Asia. The feel of the mall is nice.

It's just a pity I didn't have much time to cover the mall much - only going to one of its wing. But this mall which is by the bay is a nice hangout and I believe has everything there... this is one mall which I'll definitely come back - apart from Bonifacio of course.

SM Marikina

sm marikinaThe SM Malls seem pretty good - and one other one I visited is this boutique like mall... it's roughly the typical Philippines mall, maybe a bit middle-upper shops/ brands.

Anyway, the interesting thing I saw here apart from its airport-like high windows & ceilings is a drawing manga class held right in the middle of the mall.

Going to all these malls has given me a very positive outlook on this country which I have hardly heard much of before... I now understand the craze behing 'mall-ing' in the Philippines, and at the same time how big this country is, plus its potential.

Btw one more final mall to come - Megamall.


  1. LOL you're starting to give me the impression that Manila = malls. :P

    p/s: Due to certain reasons, I have privatized my blog for the time being. It would be my pleasure to still have you over sometimes, so if you are interested, please send me the address where I can send you the invitation to Thank you for your continuous support! :D

  2. But the cafes look so empty, so devoid of customers; so do the malls. What time was it when these shots were taken?

    Interesting that they even sell whole piglet in the food court.

    Thanks for the tour, QC.

  3. There are a lot of Malls in Phippines alright! I know a few Pinoy bloggers and surely their lifestyle is influenced by USA. :) That explains the design right?

  4. Wow! Manila is really a Malls City isn't it?

    The Mall Of Asia is the 3rd largest in the world? Surprising! I guess the Filipinos like to go to malls like us Malaysians?

  5. hi all yes manila sure is a mall city! there is the term 'mall-ing' there!

    btw happysurfer, yes the bonifacio area is a lil quiet. not too busy, but still have its share of people i guess.

    the other malls - they are actually ok with crowd. i remember i watched a movie at one of the cinemas on weekday nite... and it was like a weekend! lol :) (maybe its my angle of photos) hehe


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