Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greenhills Philippines

Franky I don't know how to start sharing my Philippines trip. There were so many things I saw and admired... (many times going Wow!).

Looking through my pics there are so many to share... and so I'm deciding to share - all. Yes, the many aspects of Philippines... which some will find unique, I'm sure. Whatever it is... here goes.

One of the first malls I visited was this rather popular mall called Greenhills.

greenhillsThe mall don't look like the rest of the swanky modern malls around Manila... but it has its own uniqueness. Interestingly, this mall is more locally visited though its now having more tourists.

greenhills manilaThe mall is quite well known for some 'designer goods', affordable paintings and souvenirs... it sure does look like one big 'market'. Just look how many stalls there are - and this is just one part of it.

greenhills tshirtAnd of the many tee shirts, was many yellow and white tees paying tribute to Cory Aquino, Philippine's former President. Now, that was fast... and of course very memorable tees.

greenhills foodApart from tees, the food stalls got me quite interested as well... there were quite a fair bit of Philippines food souvenirs one can buy home. And also, different coloured eggs - I wonder why :)

I realised I didn't take photos of the art paintings here - I must have been busy looking. Btw, I think were quite nice... lots of village scenery. Some of the paintings looked like home, and rather affordable (some may say cheap).

greenhills supermarketAnyway before departing, I did a quick stop at the supermarket - and am quite amused to find such a big trolley... which to me is just the start of all things interesting in Philippines... where, like much of Asean/ Asia - is a place of all things possible!

*There were also many different shops on the other side of the mall - like the usual shopping malls, selling goods like original DVDs, branded clothes, cinema, restaurants and more.

*Greenhills is located at Ortigas Ave., San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines


  1. Hi Quachee, i was just telling my blogger from Philippines that i would like to visit her country one day, she also showed some interesting sights .. wait till this HINI scare is over.. then only i start planning..

  2. Looks like you are having a great time over there Quachee! Philippine is really giving you a lot of surprises. The place there looks similar to our place here in Malaysia. :D

  3. Their supermarkets must be having wider aisles and more space to allow for all those huge trolleys. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Also wondering why different colour for the eggs?

  5. Hi! It is nice to know that you enjoyed your stay in our country ....likewise,we enjoy Malaysia so much that we don't fail to visit it yearly,as in we've been there around 15x already lol

    Anyways,I just want to share this- the red ones are salted eggs these are colored so as to distinguish them from the regular white eggs.

  6. Sorry I forgot to add that regular white salted eggs are available nowadays because some Pinoys dont like the red color-it stains the hand


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