Monday, May 09, 2011

In Pursuit Of My Dreams & The Law Of Attraction

Recently, I've been thinking more & more of my dreams of going into acting & also productions. While I may have produced a webseries before, but I still don't know how to go about this exactly - and also where I wanna pursue it..

be who you are
One of the many photos from the web that speaks to me...!
But I know somehow the Law of Attraction seem to be working on these dreams of mine, base on the things I see/ things I do of late.

I don't know how nor what will be in store for the future.. but looking at the activities I've done of late through these pics, I must say something is working out there :)

kl skyline
I was at BB Plaza's rooftop car park for the first time... and took this shot. This shot is unique to me cos it kinda reminds me of the purpose that I am in Kay El/ Pea Jay: to pursue my dreams in the media industry.

20 months or so have passed and I've followed some of my other plans..
and it's now time to take that big leap.

inspiring people
The other thing that I saw recently (and the reason I say the Law of Attraction is working)... well, these magazines which popped up while I was clearing up a lil.

These are people who inspire me - someway or rather, and the pics seem to tell me something ie "keep believing".

my speech
Apart from the many magazines, I also found one of my first few speeches (the hardcopy!) for the launch of my first book. And again, more words kinda pop out..

This was written/ typed about close to 5 years back.. and I'd say the words 'Live Your Dreams' still remain true to me!

And with my interests in all things Philippines (especially the media industry there), I then came across this Filipino TV series that is the main highlight on! I was logging in to do some research and low & behold, this series was promoted as the no 1 series to watch there (last week).

I don't know what this pic means exactly (or the fact that they are showing the series here). But I guess it does relate to telling me that there is a possibility of more cross countries collaborations, meaning more opportunities for me & my dreams! :)

quachee student
Back to school! Haha
And finally, just a few days back, I was browsing the papers, and then I came across a learn Mandarin writing class offered by YMCA KL. And yeah, you guessed it, I signed up for it and already went for my 1st lesson. It's interesting cos I know that looking somewhat Chinese (and of course being Chinese), Mandarin is still vital in my pursuit of my dreams...

But the thing is, I wouldn't have attended the class had I not read the papers that day. 

So back to my point with these pics I'm sharing, I somehow think the Law of Attraction is somewhat working..

ray of hope
Of course, I too need to work on my side. Mandarin classes is one, gym training is another. Then there is the many auditions & connecting with people in the media industry.

But of course, while doing all these, I also give a note to myself.. that is to continue to bask in the ray of hope! :)

*The Law of Attraction is a theory that says that whatever we think of, the 'universe' will align it to us. I first learnt bout this through the book, The Secret. 


  1. keep dreaming big and never give up!

  2. You rock, QuaChee!! You were born with greatness, then you achieve more greatness and have greatness trust upon you and finally, you inspire greatness in everyone else!! know you're the best!! Dream BIG, QuaChee!! Let's make it BIG together~ Hehe!! (^_^)v


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