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What's Your (INspiring) Story: Tekkaus & Networking Online

The What's Your (INspiring) Story series continues. For this 2nd week, I've invited an online khaki, someone I first known via blogging, and then to Twitter (& Facebook).

This guy is non other than one of the popular Malaysian bloggers & Twitterers (with over 18000 followers!)... introducing, Tekkaus!

I must say knowing him when he first started social networking online a few years back, I have seen him 'grown' leaps & bounds. His passion & inspiration from online networking is just amazing. And hence the invitation for him to share his story..

Till this very day I still can't believe that I have jumped onto this so-called social media 'bandwagon'. Just 5 years ago I laughed when my friend told me that he is a blogger. "I will never, ever tell anyone what I am doing in my real life. Blogging is like a stupid thing to do!" Those are the words that I uttered back then.

Little did I know that I was on my way to be a blogger myself. Then I was persuaded by a blue bird to tweet; Mark Zurkerberg taught me how to vandalize his walls on Facebook and last but not least...I invite stalkers and kidnappers to know my whereabouts via Foursquare. Yes! Now I would love to be known as the Social Networker! 

Inside the social networker's life.

A lot of my relatives and friends (No! Not you guys who are reading this) are still clueless about what is social media. Of course they have heard about Facebook, but when I tell them I am a blogger who tweet and check out places via Foursquare...they will look at me as if I am a crazy madhatter in a stray-jacket! Ha :D 

Am I really that 'Alien' after embracing social media? Maybe I am...but I love the fact that I am a Social Networker! Wanna know why? That is because it gratifies and inspires me.

1~I am an Illuminati: Believe it or not I have learnt so much more from social media than what I can read in the newspaper. My main source of information comes from the little blue bird-Twitter. It's like I will be fed with all those important information instantaneously. 

I can grasp everything I need to know quicker. That's why people around me are so surprised that I know virtually everything that goes on in our world. In their eyes...I am an omni-knower. Ha :D You see...being a social networker means I am being illuminated!

I get to know almost everything...

2~It allows me to be more Vocal: There are certain things in my head that I can't let it out or I simply don't have the time or opportunity to show it to all of you. That's why social media is so damn important to me. I can let everyone in the world to know what is going on in my mind. 

It allows my ideas to be amplified and extend my reach beyond my own limitations. 

Best of all I can get feedbacks almost immediately. Now I can have my say on almost everything and be heard by everyone. Honestly I have been inspired to be more voiceful since I made my first contact with social media.

This is what I call-visually VOCAL. :D

3~More connections=more sharing: We all have our own circle of friends right? Some of the friends were met during a campfire; some were made during a party; some were introduced to us via our friends; some are those whom we bumped into by chance in the middle of the road. But none of these conventional methods can match the way we make friends via social networking sites. 

I have 18,000 Twitter followers and the moment I ask them questions and suggestions, they will respond almost immediately via mentions and DMs. 

Who says virtual friends are not important? Sometimes my Twitter friends have helped me more than what my usual friends can. I am touched...truly I am.

Let me entertain you.

4~I can influence you: Yes. Do you believe that after following my blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, foursquare check will be influenced by me? If you are feeling down read my soulful blog posts to give yourself a lift. 

And here's something funny if you need a good laugh. I have several friends, colleagues and acquittance who actually went to try certain food after reading my blog posts and tweets. Who says these soundless, virtual words can't influence people huh? 

Still don't believe that I change your life? Follow me (Tekkaus) on Twitter and I might even influence you to get the new Mcdonald's Coca Cola Can Glasses too. :p

Come~let me influence you. You will buy this Coca Cola Can Glass. Ha :D

5~Let me inspire you. I have always believed that I am the kind of person who will make changes in the lives of everyone that I meet. Of course I will also try my best to touch the lives of people whom I get to know in the virtual world too. Hence I seize the opportunity to write something inspiring from time to time. Undeniably at times what I have scribbled might not be stomached easily by everyone. 

Still remember I wrote about how I was against a young guy who committed suicide? It might be crude but some readers actually sent me emails to thank me for saving and inspiring them.

This is inspiring or what?

I am glaring at the screen of my laptop right now...thinking how funny life is. At first I thought I will never embrace this so-called social media and right now I am trying my very best to be a social networker! 

Perhaps one of the main reasons why this transformation is happening in me is because I know the value that social media can offer. I strongly believe that I can enrich the lives of others through my words. I know I can inspire the people who are connected with me to make this world a better place. Come~let me touch you life~:D

My final question is...

Are you inspired by how social media is changing your lives? Perhaps not yet. But take it from a once-non-believer, it will change your lives forever. 

Social networking has become an integral part of my life right now. I feel I have this responsibility to be a social media evangelist. Every single day I have this burning desire to share with you guys what is happening in my lives; Every waking moment I have this fervent urge to be an inspiring social networker!

*The 'What's Your (INspiring) Story? is a 12 weeks series where people from all walks of life are to come together and share anything that inspires them. I have invited a few friends - online & from the 'offline' world, but there are still space for a few more. 

If you have an INspiring story that you'd like to share & be featured on this blog, simply email me! :) (more info: What's Your (INspiring) Story?)


  1. inspire me, Chris a.k.a Tekkaus!!^^ I love your INspiring story! It's very well written just like a pro!

    What an amazing person you are!! I'm glad to know you, my friend. ;)

  2. hahaha.... what a hardcore social networker!! XD


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