Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Time To Get Grand & Setaway!!!

In a few days time, we are entering June. That's like 5 months of the year gone.

Ever looked back and see what you've achieved or been doing? Well, I have.

Looking back - this year, I've been engaging more into the digital media. And one of the projects that I have been focusing pretty much is Project O&O (or #PONO - ps: there's no R in it! haha).

Some of u close friends or those following this blog or my tweets will know that it is a Youth Ambassador Search for Malaysia.

Many months have passed, and from over 200 over hopefuls from the start, there's only 5 remaining.. the very Top 5.

You can say they are quite the cream of the crop - first for having the courage to join this competition, and to then be the best from their peers.. And while I don't know them personally, but I've seen some of them grown leaps & bounds.. and some sure possess that leadership qualities lacking in many Strawberry Generation kids.

puteri project o&o

megat project o&o

shannon project o&o

li may project o&o

tevan nair

Anyway, in the end, like in most competitions, there must be only 1 winner. Now who of the creme de la creme will be crowned & work with us on his/ her Dream Charity project?

There's one way to find out.. yeap, it's all happening in the Grand Finale of Project O&O 2011 - with the theme #SETAWAY! And I say - hooray! :)

project o&o 2011]

Btw if you are in town, and can make time for this event, I would sincerely like to invite you & join in the fun. Marilah ramai ramai :)


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