Monday, February 27, 2012

KL Food Hunt: HK Style Restaurant - Calorie!

I'm not a fan when it comes to anything HK. I know some people go "ho sek wor" (so nice ar..) over HK food but well not me.

However that may just change - food wise at least.

My friend has been telling me bout this Calorie Restaurant in Sri Petaling that serves HK kind of dishes. He is a big fan of HK food, so I kinda took it with one big pinch of salt.

But still then, the way he described the restaurant made me wanna go - someday. He even wanted to have his birthday dinner there!

Anyway that someday came last week.

I went there for lunch and saw that the dishes in menu are rather unique.

So we ordered their specialties which include the pumpkin fried rice served with pork chop. Also another fried rice dish with a creamy gravy and eggs.

We also ordered the side dish - the heavenly prawns with honeydew salad.

And to our pleasant surprise, they were offering buy 1 free 1 so we also ordered the pork in tomato.

Add all those up, and we sure had a lot to eat!

The verdict? What made the dishes stand out was their signature dish of the pumpkin fried rice (that really came in a pumpkin) and the honeydew prawn salad.

That kinda made up a lot for the other 2 dishes which I felt was rather ordinary. Yea you can say it made up a lot cos the pumpkin fried rice is really delicious.. and something I'd go back for!

Price wise.. it was affordable. RM51 for 2 - yea wow!

So I guess that from now onwards, I'll keep my food options open to HK food too - tho I won't put too high expectations on the other restaurants.. yet.

Open daily 11am-1130pm (except Tuesdays).

Calorie Restaurant
77 Jalan Radin Tengah
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03 90576611

*This food hunt is done for the Summer Love: KL! series Im doing. Will I feature it in the series - food wise, yes, but the only thing - its HK food (ie not local KL food).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tale As Old As Time (Beauty & The Beast 3D)

Wow it surely has been quite a while since I blogged bout a movie I watch. So what makes me wanna blog bout this?

Well, I remember a time (not too long ago ehem ehem).. that animation movies are a rare find. Disney only produced them like once a year.. and as a kid, I'd wait in anticipation for them.

The animation then were mainly fairytales.. with a fair dose of songs. Beautiful love & dreamy songs. And I like that.

So when recently I saw the poster for Beauty & The Beast to be reshown - in 3D, I thought I'd go for it, relieve some memories.. and just soak in that Disney magic once more.

Well, to say the most - the movie didn't disappoint. It's a classic story - tale as old as time!

And while I've outgrown a fair bit of the movie (the bad scenes don't scare me at all).. but the other parts of the movie still retains its charms effect on me.

I still looked forward to the 2 hit sings from the movie.. and the lyrics too.

Now the only downside of the movie perhaps? Well the 3D is not as spectacular as the other 3D movies out there today.

But for those who love a good love story, with songs.. this tale is still worth a watch. Now, I wonder what other old cartoon they are gonna remake into 3D next? :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

KL Food Hunt - Jalan Alor!!

I need a few good food places/ restaurants to be featured in my new webseries - Summer Love: KL!

So I decided to do a food hunt. And where better to start off than at the heart of the city - the road famed for its glorious food, Jalan Alor.

So last Sunday, I called up 2 other buddies to go on the hunt. Well who better but the other gang in Summer Love - Arico & Ben.

We arrived somewhat early with the evening skies still clear and a lil bright. This is the beautiful moment that I like on any day.

Reading a few blogs bout food in Jalan Alor seem to point to 1 restaurant - Wong Ah Wah Restaurant.. known for its most famous chicken wing. But alas this corner shop was closed that day.

Not to be disappointed, we headed to the next road. Now, there's a few hawker stalls recommended here like the famous beef noodles, chicken rice and also towards the middle - the wan tan mee stall.

But I wanted something more like a restaurant - and a place I've not visited before. And one of the recommended restaurants is the Restaurant Muar (Restoran Muar).

At first the place looked rather empty - and I had my doubts. But soon as we ordered and the food arrived, the crowd came pouring in.

Bout the food? Yes they are tasty. The kai lan vegetables were cooked quite unique - like grinded or so. There was of course the unmistakable otak otak. And the asam fish (which was nice but a lil heavy on the fish smell). But of all, I'd come back for the fried eggs!!

Soon after dinner, we jalan jalan a bit more and just soaked into the downtown KL feel.

That then lead us to Changkat Bukit Bintang! Up and down the road we walked - with me wanting to search for the right bar that maybe we can do our shoot.

We came to a few that had some chairs and tables at the pathway.. and sat in one we thought was rather cool. So is the name - Never Mine! Well I won't name my bar such but as a patron, this is cool.

So we chilled a bit more.. with alcohol of course, despite it being a Sun night (ehem, ehem).

And soon after.. just like Cinderella, we decided to head home before it was too late. Oh but we did one more walk along both Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Alor first. Then, it was really time to head back home.

While along the way, we decided - we should.. no make that need to come back (soon) to try that Ah Wah Restaurant.. and more beer the next round. Perhaps on a Friday night when we can drink a lil more.. ahhh.. I can't wait!! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Make It A Valentine's Week!

So February 14 came & gone. How did you spend your Vday?

Me - in a cheaper alternative. ie at HOME. You see, while I love the idea of love in the air & all, but I also think at times, some restaurants are way overpriced.

There is this restaurant in KL I called - the Angkasa Restaurant @ KL Tower, for example. The rate was close to RM400 per person just because it's V night. Wow, while it would be quite nice to dine up in the skies, but it makes more sense to actually book a hotel room, I figured!

Besides, on Valentine's Day, it feels like one en masse group thing. Like those flash mob, but instead of dance, it's every couple will eat together. Hmm, but "like that like not special wor".

So since the unique dining (at the top of the sky) is out of the equation, and that I didn't want to go with the masses.. there are only a few options left.

Then the question - why make Vday a 1 day affair? Sure, we can renew our love/ vows on that day. But why not make it a one week long thing? I mean, there are people (including myself ehem ehem) who celebrates birthday like 1 week long, so why not Vday too?

valentine's bear

And that's what I did this Vday.. well not exactly 1 week long tho, but close possible with all the time constraints.

The day before.. we jalan jalan and had dinner at the mall (it was some new Korean restaurant). Well to some, this can be like an everyday affair, but for me, this is quite a luxury nowadays.. for ever since work has started, and all the other things I'm doing, mall-ing at weekday nights is quite something!

Anyway, like I said, it can be a fun thing to do.. cos after dinner, we were chilling at the cafe. Owh, and we did check out some fun stuff like the toys below. Now if only they are cheaper, I'd surely get these Southpark figurines.

southpark toy

The next day - Vday, we just a simple (but still yummy) dinner at home. Yeah, that's what we did. No rah-rah or fanciful dinners. But just.. some home cooked roasted chicken. Mmmm mmmm...! (yea, it's that yummy!).

I don't know bout you - but homecooked dinners are always nice. In fact, living in the city, at times.. it's more 'valuable' than eating at restaurants. So, this was definitely something special.

vday homecooked dinner

Btw, Valentine's is still not over yet. I think we can continue the 'Vday celebrations' this weekend. Maybe a treat to the movies would be a nice option - Gold Class perhaps? And maybe then we can have another round of dinner - this time something more luxurious since restaurant prices should be more 'sane'.

So yeah, may the Valentine's continue.. and love in the air grow & blossom still.

Finally, to all love birds & love bears out there, here's to a Happy Vday Week! :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

If Only I'm In Primary School!!

Sometimes I wish I'm back during school days - that is during Primary school.

Not High School or Uni.. but Primary school. Because back then, as 'kids' we could get back to our friends who offended us, with very lil bit of punishment.

You see, in primary school, we could get away with nearly everything - for most of the times, adults still treated us as KIDS.. kids who can never do much wrong. Heard the statements "Oh, they are just kids.."?

Well, yeah, you get it. So being a kid in primary school is really cool.

One of the reasons would definitely be - that we can get back to friends who offended us.

The most, should the teacher finds out, we either get a rotan (cane) or sometimes just a warning from the usually-lovable teachers.

Yeah, back then, the puppy eyes (or Puss in Boots pussy eyes) would really work.. In fact, some friends went as far as to cry when they are to be punished (tho they are wrong). Now, those friends should get an Oscar, really.

Anyway, that is why I love the primary years. Come secondary, though we still wear school uniforms, but we are SUPPOSED to be turning into adults, and the teachers get stricter. We can still fight back, but that can cause trouble like detention classes and being blacklisted by the teachers.

And then moving onwards to uni, it's even worse. Fighting is so off limits, no matter how well our kung fu/ karate/ taekwando is. It doesn't matter whatever belt colour we wear cos when it comes to the REAL thing, we should just let it go, and not even try to be Bruce Lee, or even close to it.

That's a pity cos usually by then, if one had learnt those martial arts, they would be having the best coloured belts.

But the thing is, I think as I grow older, I find more people who seem to irritate.. it's funny cos as kids we are thought to be obedient and all. But then as we get into the workforce, somehow SOME people seem to have forgotten what their teachers taught them.

Anyway, when in these situations - I get into a dilemma. I mean, given my way - I feel like ______. But then that's really wrong. So what can I do?

I still haven't figured this out. So far, I've been telling the nicest way possible.. or at most, a rather neutral way. But that still tests my patience.

I am thinking that maybe the next time, I should do a Bush face like the one below.

Yeah, in this case - he can't get mad. I mean, I'm still SMILING right?

Well, if that don't work.. maybe I'll try this, as suggested by my friend instead. She suggested I say "Bless you" whenever the such people offends - where the actual meaning behind it mean ......... (go figure).

And who knows, this might just work.

Owh, really... if only I'm in Primary school!!

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Have you seen it? The fight between KFC staffs & its customers in their store - happening right here in Malaysia? 
The video has been going viral on the social media networks! Whooaa, these KFC dudes sure looks kinda gangsterish here.

But to be honest, I'm not really that surprised when I see that video. Well, that's because last year... I too saw 2 other videos of KFC staffs in the kitchen. And the way they cook the chicken.. just got me baffled. But that was LAST YEAR.

Anyway, to be honest, these videos have hardly put a stop to me still patronising them. Well, like any other restaurants I go to... as long as we don't see HOW it's cooked, I guess it's ok. And by seeing such videos, I'd rather not see!

 But my 'issue' with KFC is not so much with all these. I actually don't like the new tagline.. which first went "So G Double O D Good". Huh? This is not some English class lah.

 Then it's now just SO GOOD, without having to spell it out.

But personally, I still prefer the Finger Lickin Good tagline. I don't get it.. why fix it if it AIN'T broken.. and still working SO WELL?

They should really have asked the public's opinion first. But that's THEIR problem.

And I think many share the same beliefs with me too. The video will not make KFC any less popular - at least not here in fried chicken country of ours. And like I said, I will still eat those finger licking good (pun intended) chickens.

 All I had better make sure, is I will SMILE at the servers & treat them nice so I too don't go on VIDEO!

Don't tell me you'll give up these over a video?

Monday, February 06, 2012

Last Year? I Met A Cow.. Mr Siew Pao & More

So, I've been reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.. and this post is kinda 'inspired' by it.

Well, of course, he wouldn't have met a Siew Pao Man being in foreign land altogether, but it's his style of writing about the others he meets in his life that gets my attention.

Anyway, I did actually meet this Siew Pao Man or Boy, I'd call. In fact, I did more than just meet him.. but worked with him on some projects.

That's how I see this Siew Pao boy.. EVIL in siew pao disguise. 

Why is he called the Siew Pao Boy? Well, cos... err his face does look like one. But well, who am I to judge? I mean, I have never been one to call people by their looks no matter how BIG the head is.

Anyway, the thing bout this Mr Siew Pao is that he sure knows how to impress - on the 1st meetings/ or first few weeks of working together. But as weeks turn to months, I begin to see what a tasteless siew pao he is... that he is really shallow.

That's actually okay.. if he is not arrogant. And that.. owh well, is the last straw. I've been reading his tweets previously (since he claims to be some online media guy), but as it goes.. the tweets are full of paos  & if anything else - hot air.

But the one thing I must respect this Siew Pao guy is how he pulls himself off first. I believe many will believe he is a can-do-man/boy..  and for that he can go far despite the big head (pun intended). A pity he is not into politics..

The other person who I met last year.. a Cow. Now she is a little similar to the Siew Pao guy in some ways.. but while the Siew Pao is direct (& rude/ arrogant) from the start, this Cow looks really decent & pleasant.

She may not be pretty but well, people will think she is an angel. At least for the start. I did too. But then, she once made a statement that she was upset she wasn't popular enough, and it was MY fault.

Then I knew WHO she really is.

So when I saw this video on Facebook the other day, it did remind me of her - though I think even the girl on this video looks better than the COW.

The other weirdo I met last year is supposedly a BOSS. Well, even with a company with 2 staffs makes you a boss, anyway.

While I've heard of many stories of him before, but I have always given him the benefit of the doubt. Till one day, I got a Facebook message by him. He thought I'm poaching his staff.

I called him to clarify, but he ignored them.. again saying that I called him cos he thought that by through phone call, nothing can be black & white. Oh, my.. a weirdo - CONFIRMED.

Well needless to say, he was DELETED from my Facebook list immediately.

One other person I met last year who had a BAD impression on me is this lady working for an academy. Lets call her MOUNTAIN (don't ask me why).

I called her for business, but she was rude the 1st time. I thought - that's okay.. I'll try again. But when I called back the 2nd time she made comments like
"No price in your email.. So your product is Free?" ... knowing very well that we need to discuss the services her company requires first before talking bout any pricing.

Being a NO NONSENSE person, I reported this to her boss, but she didn't take it well.

Owh well, one more weirdo confirmed & deleted from the list.

There are many others whom I've met over the years whom I'd like to shoot as well (like a lady turned Mermaid and another a hot Mama R who is a lil way over her prime).. but I'd rather not waste my energy on them.

I guess these people came to my path, so I know how to differentiate what is GOOD vs EVIL.. and to be more alert in the future.. Plus the fact, that these Cow, Siew Pao & all do make life somewhat interesting in an otherwise GOOD world.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Owh To Chillax!

Now that the long Chinese New Year break is over, I'm sure many are back to their everyday (busy) life.

I am too.

In fact I'm kinda double the business cos apart from work, I'm also working on a new web series - Summer Love: KL! And the 1st auditions for the cast will be held this Sat (ie tomorrow!!).

But despite the busy schedule, I believe that we should Chillax as much possible too.. just to keep the stress level checked.

One of the things I do daily is to take a deep breath each time before I go to work.. now it helps of course that the place I park my car has a nice view.

Here is the view.. which I must say makes me feel like I'm in some 4 season country! (think autumn).

And remember I mentioned I have started reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid? Well, I've read 2 books now and am into my 3rd one and love it!! Personally I believe more adults should read this too.. then there will be less bullies around.

Owh and I've also been watching a lil DVD.. Tho Im not a super big DVD fan but I actually love sitting at home in bed just doing nothing but watching DVDs the whole day.. But of course, that's only nice as long as the DVD is a good one. And so far Dream High didn't disappoint. For I love their energy level in the series (reminds me a lil bit of Glee).

Now one of my new interests is also photography - the iPhone way! I have always loved taking photos from the phone for its convenience.. and ever since Instagram came along, I like it even more!

Shot & edited with Instagram

For with Instagram, photos can now only get cooler.. And like all social media platform, the best part is that it can be shared and appreciated by fellow Instagram users, which btw are pretty diversified (I do  have a good no of followers from Thailand.. kap!) :)

You can say I now spend a fair bit of my social network time on Instagran.. nearly equalling that of Facebook.

Oh yea, one other Chillax thing - having good food over good company. Over time, I've met with a fair bit of online buddies.. and just yesterday I met one more. And we met first over dinner then at Black Ball, the new dessert shop a lil like Snowflake (and Chatime).

So yea, despite all the busy schedule and a fair bit of white hair moments, I make sure to chill and relax (ie Chillax!). And this is something I wanna continue!

Chillax-ing sure makes me able to smile (at times) :)