Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Everything Is Awesome Parody (Lego Movie)

Lego Movie. That's totally AWESOME.

And so is the song - Everything Is Awesome.

I like the lyrics and the melody... and well, I did a parody out of it.

And here's my version. But with a changed title and well.. content.

Probably not for everyone, and pardon my singing. But oh well, hope you guys enjoy it one way or rather :)

So, here's, presenting Every Bear Is Awesome! Growl!

*2 song parodies so far. Now, what should my next song parody be? :P

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Malaysia Social Media Week And Me

Work. Oh, it can get so busy.

Well, it doesn't takes a genius to guess that based on the postings on my blog (or lack thereof).

There's a lot ongoing. But these will be shared some other time - at the RIGHT time.

As for now, I wanna share one rather happy occasion where I was the speaker for one of the biggest digital media events in the country, Malaysia Social Media Week.

This happened last February - with me sharing the stage with some of the coolest digital media industry players - the most celebrated probably is Scott Eddy, MD of nine9nine.

There's also Evan Carmichael, another influential digital player. In fact, there is a full list of speakers, whom I've had the opportunity to share the stage with. 

Me and my speakers ready for our session.
Me and my co speaker, Nik, just before our speech

*But besides giving my speech, this event was an opportunity to network - making friends with new associates, and at the same time meeting up with "old friends". Truly a networking of sorts.

Apart from having the privilege to go on the stage and speak, I'm also happy to have met some new friends and reconnect with some old ones. Truly, it was like a social gathering of sorts.

I spoke about the digital community that my company is embarking on. The title of my speech - Make Yourself Epic. Gave it a superhero theme to it (well, not surprising heh :P ).

*On a side note, I also managed to try out the Google Glass on that event. Pretty awesome!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Let It Go (Frozen) - Male Cover Parody

Let It Go..! Let It Go..!

The Frozen main theme song and Best Song in the Oscars has going viral!

There are so many versions out there.. but the one that strike me most is this male version by Youtuber Caleb Hyles. His manly (and can I say bear-ish) voice really makes the song like his own. In fact, so much so that some of my friends prefer his version as compared to Idina Menzel's version!

Well, liking his version and this song that much.. I decided to join in as well, and come out with my own Let It Go parody.. to which I sing to the song sang by Caleb.

Here's what I did..

PS: Forgive me for the singing.. but hey, it's a parody after all! :P Now, who's offering singing lessons? Haha!