Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I Went Dancing!

Ask me bout dancing even up to 1 year ago, and I'll most likely go "Huh?".

But then, like many things, my interest and curiosity gets the better of me. 

lilo & stitch dance
I'll always remember the phrase in this Lilo & Stitch movie where Lilo says to Stitch "Lets go dancing!".
Well, it all started off with me going to Chi Fitness recently. Apart from doing the workout at the gym, I have also been going for some of the dancing classes that were offered. 

One of the first dance classes I went was the MTV Jam/ Dance Mania. I guess I've been inspired by the K pop wave (yeah think Big Bang), and have wanted to learn more bout all these cool moves.. or at least get exposed to it.

And I got to say, I kinda got hooked to that class - trying to attend it every week, if possible. 

Okay, the classes were not this hot of course!
The other class, a new class that I went too was Sh'bam. At first thought, I wouldn't be into this hot dance lesson, but I was wrong!

I tried the opening class out - and I got to say, we worked ala Ricky Martin (or for the girls, think Shakira!). Of course this differs from the K pop style dance, but still.. this was cool (or should I say hot!). 

The other dance class that I went is Power Dance. A lil similar to Dance Mania, however, this dance class gives even more work out during its lessons. There's no locking, popping etc styles as yet.. but still, it was a good introduction to hip hop dance. 

And again, I think I  am hooked! 

There are other dance classes in Chi Fitness too like Belly Dancing & Steps, and I can't wait to try the latter. 

Btw, these classes have inspired me so much, that I can safely put dancing as one of my interests.. well on top of the many others that I already have. But definitely something I'd  like to explore further :)


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