Friday, July 22, 2011

The 15 Mins Haircut


Have you ever tried the express cut before? The ones usually in malls?

Well I recently did, and am pretty impressed with it.

I've done this once back in Singapore (at that time it was like S$10 & 10 mins deal). I tried that once but didn't go back.

Cos while I like the hair cutting process to be short, but I still think it's important to have a certain standard.. which obviously that hair cut didn't have that.

So what made me change my mine and try it again this time (with another company of course)?

Well, firstly, I still haven't 'settled down' with 1 particular barber/ salon here in Kay El/ Pea Jay though I've been here for coming 2 years now. The salon I nearly 'settled down' with had odd & inconsistent opening hours.. and so that was a bye bye.

And more so - this X-Cut is actually by the people behind A Cut Above. So I believe that there is a certain standard to it. Or so I hoped to believe.

And thirdly, I needed a hair cut.

So when I was referred to this, I thought I'd give it a try.. and like I mentioned above, the outcome was good. The hair was cut well according to my taste at least. And the person who cut my hair (ie the stylist) - she was friendly. And that to me is important.

Oh and yeah, there was no upsell of any sorts for any products!

So for RM16, and about 15 minutes.. that sure is one hair cut that is good enough :)


  1. Why is your stylist wearing a lifejacket? lol

  2. i always for the 15minutes cut as well.. quickcut at the curve! no need so pro lah, but they do cut nicely.. :)

  3. Haha :D My hair cut is only RM8 plus washing.

  4. Eh I always thought u cut your hair in hometown Melaka? Why suddenly get your hair cut by a lifejacket-wearing barber? : D

  5. LMAO at lifejacket barber!!! i think i saw ur new hair style dy in fb! not bad la. ;)


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