Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Li Yaa Sri Lankan Restaurant

I've never had any Sri Lankan food before, that I know of. And so didn't know what to expect from this Sri Lankan restaurant when I dined there recently.

First off, the interior looks good. It's not the type of restaurant with those traditional interior but instead a rather chic place. One would believe that he/ she have stepped into a western restaurant based on the interior alone (they even have a bar!).

But I'm not complaining. It is nice, comfy and with lighthing that just sets the mood right. And I can't help but I do like their menus with their theme elephants.

I've managed to try a wide array of their dishes but there are a few which stands out more.

The most memorable dish for me is the Sambal Set, which is a platter of 4 types of colourful sambals - curry leaf pesto, red chilli, sweet onion and best of all the coconut!

The sambal came as a good side to enjoy the other dishes.

One of the unique dish here is probably the mixed platter - fried puffs stuffed with various meat like mutton and fish.

The other dish that got my attention is the Idiyappam (plain string hoppers).. well in local terms - similar to that of the local putu mayam. It was fantastic with the coconut at the side.

The appam egg was another highlight here. The lovely sunny side up placed on top of the crispy and thin pancake is the bomb!

Owh and of course, there's the Sri Lankan crab. I'm not a big fan of crabs especially when it's cooked this style but that's just my preference.

The other dishes served here include the fried noodles (Spring Hopper Korthu Chicken), Devil Chicken, Mutton Paal Poriyal, Jaffna Prawn Curry, Doosara Rotti (think chapati), and Briyani rice.

The Vatilaapam dessert made a good sweet ending to the dinner. It wasn't overly sweet, as I have expected and that was a good thing.

In some ways, eating some of these dishes is like eating Malaysian cuisine.. for some of them do taste local but with Sri Lankan names. That's ok unless one is expecting a whole range of different dishes.

Overall, a good place to try if you are curious on Sri Lankan food, or for a place with decently good ambience. For me, I'd probably go back for a not too heavy meal - ordering the apam egg and their drinks.. and tag my egg loving friends along!

*Personally, I would have preferred the dishes spicier especially the Devil's Chicken. But then that will only make it even more Malaysian?

48G&M, Medan Setia 2
Plaza Damansara
Bukit Damansara
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 20925378

*A LI Yaa opens daily from 12 noon - 1am.

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