Monday, December 29, 2008

Wuzhen Xizha

From one scenic place to another - that is simply what I did in Wuzhen.

I had purchased the combined ticket at 150yuan (for 1 day) and after visiting the Dongzha, it was time to visit the next tourist spot! This despite my legs being a lil tired already...

wuzhen, xizha, ferryFirst a ferry ride across the river canal. This one is free for all visitors - as we all need to sit this in order to get to the zone.

wuzhen, xizha, bridgeIt is without doubt that this place is more scenic than the other, though also very similar - 2 long streets along the main canal with many bridges.

wuzhen, xizha riverHowever, the canals even passes through many other 'island like' towns like this one. And some parts of this area is really so 'movie like'!

wuzhen, xizha boatmanAnd as usual there tourist view: hired boatman to simply row his boat with surrounding birds. Well at least it makes a good shot :)
wuzhen, xizha, xuchang garden sauceApart from the scenic canal views, there's quie a fair bit of other places to feast the eyes. I enjoyed this view of the Xuchang sauce garden with the cone shaped covers.

wuzhen, xizha archAnd there is this temple shaped arch (behind is the river).

wuzhen, xizha brick wallThis high rise brick wall got my attention too - really a nice background for a photography shoot!

wuzhen, xizha treeAnd the one place that got me enjoying the view is this - where plants grow on the building walls and covering it up fully like a piece of art! Now, this is something! (I wonder if it will 'ruin' the building someday?).

It was a long walk, and I was getting tired & ready to head back to the hotel... but, I had to wait for the special sunset moment, which came not long later...

wuzhen, xizha bailian towerThe Bailian tower looks so majestic at this time of the day in blue.

wuzhen, xizha laneI was walking hurriedly to capture as much as I could during this 10-15 mins sunset moment before it gets all dark.

In fact, to capture this shot, I actually ran to one of the bridges. Now, this is the shot I've been waiting for! (and I wasn't the only one on the bridge!).

People were exclaiming "Wah, so pretty! Really, so beautiful" (in Mandarin). This is the scenic view that sold to us tourists to come here anyway!

wuzhen, xizha, bridge reflectionAnd then within minutes, the skies grew dark... and the beautiful bridges glow came into view, though it's a lil too dark for photography already.

Visiting this part of Wuzhen is nice - but somehow the feeling that it's like a make up tourist destination keeps bugging my mind. The houses here in Xizha has all turned into restaurants and guests houses (there's over 30 of them).

And though it is nice that one can actually book and stay by the canal, or even to eat beside it, but simply too many and it becomes rather touristy.

But of course, saying all that, this place (or any water village town) is a must visit - at least once. The only thing I missed is actually the snow on the roofs of these buildings - but I think it's ok, cos otherwise I'll freeze taking photos! :)

Anyway, after 3 days & 2 nights in Wuzhen, I'm now back in Shanghai! (I took a 46 yuan bus ride of 2 hours).

*If tickets are purchased seperately, it's
CNY 100 for Dongzha Scenic Area (full day)
CNY 120 for Xizha Scenic Area (full day)
CNY 40 for Xizha Scenic Area (night only)


  1. So much local culture! My favorite is the Bailian tower.

  2. Nice pictures. I like the on with all the tree roots covering the wall and the small little bridge.

  3. Woh! I love what your photos are showing us. Such beauty, so peaceful, so movie-like, so surreal. Awesome! Thank you, QC, for sharing them.

    Now, I shall travel backwards to your earlier posts.

  4. The cone shaped covers look very interesting! I like the building with plants growing on the walls - very unique! And the Bailian tower in blue looks absolutely stunning! Really beautiful photos, QuaChee - thanks for capturing those photos moments before it got dark! : )

  5. Nice place, but seems to be quite deserted.

  6. I missed the trip to Wuzhen when i was in Shanghai... I din plan probably so wasted a weekend there. Sigh!

  7. de pics are fabulous! looks like those buildings in chinese movie :)

  8. @宝茹
    thanks. was lucky to take the bailan tower shot during the shot evening period :)

    ya, i thought that was very unique too. i was really awed by it and took quite a fair bit of photos just on that subject :)

    its readers like you who encourage me to share. thank you :)

    hey those are my fav shots too haha. esp the plants and the bailian tower. if only the evenings were longer there :)

    agree, that is the drawback of such places when it becomes so touristy.

    can always go back hehe. but of course, there's lots more other things to do as well :)

    ya, it was here that they filmed the mission impossible! cool heh :)


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