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batik, batik malaysiaDon't believe that these are batik? Well, they are.

Like much of the modern batik around, batik today is very vibrant and colourful. Gone are the old traditional dark colours associated with batik.

Because batik is just a technique (ie. using wax to draw the outlines), the batik artist can simply draw anything he/ she imagines.

And with a big imagination, batik is really beyond what we thought/ think we know.

batik, batik paintingAn elephant painting using batik style.

batik, batik artThe lizard batik painting.

batik, batik painting traditionalEven the so called traditional batik motifs nowadays come in vibrant colours.

batik, batik cardsBatik painting in all sizes.

And interestingly, for those of us who think batik is usually only in batik painting or batik clothing/ batik dress, we are in for a surprise. Well, I was when I met this batik artist, Gee, who I think is really very talented and creative.

batik, batik artistBatik artist, Gee, with one of her popular batik designs - the lizard.

This batik artist comes from a humble background (and is still humble today) - with her showroom and batik workshop located in the heart of KL city.

As mentioned, Gee has gone beyond just batik paintings and into other forms of batik souvenirs.

batik, batik souvenirHer batik even come as batik bookmarks.

batik, batik art cardOr now, even in batik greeting cards!

What I like about Gee's batiks is that her batik works are very refreshing, vibrant, and in fact goes beyond the batik traditional perception of batik - be it batik Indonesia or batik Malaysia.

And I believe that that is what she is trying to create - if I can say, batik Gee!

Her well known and popular batik designs include the gecko/ lizard, the elephants and also her favourite kucing (cats).

And apart from her unique batik patterns/ batik designs, another thing that captures my attention is her batik technique... where most of the time, rather than outlining her drawing with wax, she uses the white tape instead (this to prevent a colour from one segment to roll to the other).

With such creativity, talent and I must stress - humbleness, this lady really deserves to go far. If you are keen on her batik art, do visit her gallery
Galeri Rafflesia at the Kompleks Kraftangan Negara (Jalan Conlay, KL).

A walkthrough the artists paintings and its batik meanings.

Batik For You!
Like I said, she is really kind and is giving away 3 small batik paintings to anyone who can simply share what they think about her batiks.

If you are interested, simply comment here before 28 Dec 2008.


  1. Yeah, nice...
    But I just feel that Batik doesn't quite suit the weather here...

  2. I still remembered my batik creation years ago for art class! It's a disaster. Haha =) I think I paint a flower.

    Anyway Gee's creation is really unique. And I kinda admire her because she could do what she really, really enjoy-arts etc. Actually I love art too...hopefully one day I could make good use of my "talent!" LOL

    Ouh yeah! About her batik...

    IMHO, her batiks are simply an epitome of Malaysian culture. I mean she could capture the essence of Malaysia such as the batiks that showcase the lizard, turtles, elephants etc. There's lots of diversification and uniqueness about her masterpiece. Her batiks are distinctive in a sense that it looks really sweet and simple. But of course that doesn't mean it's an easy feat. All in all the warm and vibrant colors really nail it for her. Kudos to gee! I believe she could go very far!

    Perhaps one day I could come out with my own batiks. Hahaha =)

  3. I really love the elephant one! Looks like an exotic patchwork quilt... How much would a pice like that cost?

  4. Coming from Terengganu where batik is almost like second nature to us (male and female), I feel her design certainly depart from the conventional ones that we are familiar with.

    Maybe it would not appeal to the older generations but it certainly will attract interest from the younger ones.

    Maybe a design that mixes the two could appeal to both generations.

  5. wow they are beautiful ...

    now its no longer just flora and fauna :)

  6. HI Quachee, I love batik too.. we malaysians should be proud of that. it is something really unique that no other culture in other countries have that... i need to wear batik every thursday and since it is quite costly for a piece, i only hv 3 suits to wear every week.. haha..

  7. wow, she really needs to be given credits for her art works!

    It certainly opens my eyes to the way I used to see the traditional batik as a normal piece of clothes with certain patterns (flowery, lines, etc)on it.

    Her batik is different! Combining vibrant colors and artistic drawings leads to own personal style of arts. Outstanding!

    Malaysia definitely has a place for creativity and passion for arts. Bravo... ^^

  8. hi guys thanks for taking part in this. i believe that it means lots to the batik artist :)

    btw, here are the 3 winners.
    1. tekkaus
    2. lisa
    3. mrmiaow

    kindly send me yr address for her to send you the batik paintings k :)

  9. @khengsiong
    u mean those silk wear right? ur right, definitely too sticky on a hot weather :)

    last i heard, its a few hundred... and she is giving 50% discount. she needs support.

    if ur interested, i can give u her contact :)

    good for you to support malaysia batik! :)


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