Monday, November 27, 2006


A friend came over last night and passed me a DVD that has been told to me by five different people since August this year. All their comments have been very positive - aksing me to go watch it. So, when my friend came over last night and said 'You must watch this DVD - very powerful', I was delighted...!

It was rather late (12+ am), but I just had to watch it... this DVD has made me so curious! So, tough a little late, I popped it in my computer, and watched The Secret being revealed!

After watching it, I now understand how certain things in my life have been achieved because I have been applying The Secret. One of the best examples are publishing my dream Batik Inspirations book because I visualised it, and really wanted it published.

And I agree too, that when I want to get that area of parking lot, I normally get it for I visualise it - and then like the DVD said, I send the 'energy' out.

A friend of mine just went for a back operation as well.. and the doctors were surprised with his recovery period. He could walk so much earlier than the others... I believe subconciously he too was believing in The Secret; ie that he wanted a speedy recovery!

There are so many other examples in my life and things that I see has happened because of this Secret. And now that I have learnt it, I hope to use it to a higher level - and to pass it forward... For those of you who have yet to watch it, I repeat what my friends have said - 'You must watch it. It is very powerful!'.

Let's share The Secret!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

GROW & GLOW with the FLOW

There are many times when I meet so many people who complain about the obstacles or the negative points they face or will face on certain matters should they embark on something (like starting a new business, a new career switch, a new phase of life eg. marriage).

During my course in business so far, I've learnt that we shouldn't be bugged down by these obstacles, but instead look at ways that we can do something to compliment them, rather then figthing against them.

For example, many people are saying that goods from China and India are too cheap, or that they are not qualified (haven't learnt the trade, etc). There are also times whereby new products find it difficult because they are fighting against the market forces.

Rather than to whine, it is actually better to think of ways that we can find a solution into these problems. For example, if China is cheap, then maybe how about looking into getting labour from there? And outsourcing to India which many MNCs has done?

And if we are not qualified in certain aspects to do something, we can start by asking around. As for the market forces, why not do things/ products/ services that compliment then to fight against it? Maybe do some revision in the product or marketing to it?

All said, it's just about going with the flow.. and with that I'm sure we will GROW & GLOW!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Remain Focused

Sometimes there are moments when I feel that doing something else seems so much easier. These challenging moments can be quite disillusioning...

In every journey we take, there tend to be obstacles - big and small all along the pathways. If not careful, they can really put a stop in our quest to achieve our goals.

But, the main thing in life, is to not loose focus, and to just continue to persevere. That doesn't mean we keep on doing something which will not work, but to adjust accordingly to make them work, and succeed.

We can still divert/ diversify in other things (like add-ons), but not to forget that our main goal is still the main drive.

Along the way, we will be recognised for our works, and the returns will come eventually... and these pat on the backs will just remind us of continuing our journey and to remain focused.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I was talking to someone recently and he mentioned that "I don't plan to do Big Big things...". He was giving me examples like he doesn't need to be the CEO or Chairman of the company but will be happy to be able to contribute as an employee.

Although some of my close friends know that when I want to do something, I normally mean Big things, but that's just me... my nature that I like mega stuffs :) But, that's just me, and not everyone needs to be the same.

I totally agree that we need not be creating big things, or being in high positions. For me, more importantly is to do what the heart desires. We can just be who we want to be. For example in our career, if we find that being an engineer, an accountant, or IT specialist is what we like, then choose that path.

Or if we like to meet people and like to be a waiter, then be one. During my uni days, I was a waiter, and I enjoyed meeting lots of different people. And I know of a few waiters/ waitresses who are happy with what they are doing - and they are rewarded fairly well for that.

Once we have chosen our career choice, the next thing is to put our whole heart into it and to do our BEST in it. That means, constant updating of what we are doing, learning new things, etc. You need not aim to be the best engineer in town, but at least a good engineer - someone who is happy at his job and hence producing good results.

And being our best applies to every other aspect of our life too - as a son/ daugther, father/ mother, friend, cleric, etc.

Our life is really up to us to decide - there are options everywhere. And when we have chosen our path, le'ts Be Our BEST!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

You are Special

Today's post will be more like an encouragement to all... that each and everyone of us are unique. And that each of us have good virtues which makes us different from each other - making us special.

The times when we feel bad or lousy, all we have to do is look at the special qualities we have - qualitites that people have praised us for before. And that can make our day...

And in fact, when we continue to be special, we can and will achieve greater things. So, never ever feel lousy for long... always remember that you - me, we are special :)