Friday, June 18, 2010

I Am Quah. Hang Quah (Nama Saya Quah. Hang Quah)

Well, the idea of using a Malay nick came about recently. Not for any other reason, but for a reason that in this land of 1Malaysia, each race or should I say each different language speaking crowd has different things that touches their heartstrings.

I've mentioned this over & over again - in my blog, and also as conversation topics to most close friends.

I can't help it.. for I'm a lil drained with this, as having a business here, one really has to do so many things to cover the country. And that takes a lot for a small start up!

Apart from different taglines & other aesthetics, there is also the product range, pricing and many other factors to take into consideration for each language speaking crowd. Now this is important, and one has to gauge well before doing anything.. but then, mistakes do happen, right?

Just like what happened to one event we participated recently. We had expected a 50-50 or even 60-40 Chinese-Malay crowd, hence we went to search high & low for some Mandarin books!

But what turned out eventually is a 20-80 Chinese-Malay crowd.. Alamak! The books were not the right mix! Well the only comfort we have in this is that even the bigger brands made the same error as us too! (they brought in wrong products & wrong campaigns).. so yeah, we were not alone..!

Anyway, as much as I whine, but hey, like most entrepreneurs, these are challenges to overcome... and being in beloved Malaysia, and working to establish my company here first, I have to do, what Malaysians do...!

Let's face it, the Malay speaking market is the biggest here. Period.

To establish one's brand here, we have to tap into this - and it doesn't matter what race we come from. If we want the mass, we got to get into that market (now before I continue, this is by no means about being racist. I'm just saying this from a business point of view).

So while my biz started off with the English speaking crowd in mind, we are now opening up to the Malay speaking crowd (we now have Malay books).. and later on, yes, the Mandarin speaking crowd too (which is the 2nd majority language - no, it's not English, mind you). That means, a huge variety of books in all languages...! (and lots of work behind I must say!).

Well, one thing at a time heh.. So why not start with a different nick for the Malay speaking market?

Yes, I am Quah. Hang Quah. (Nama saya Quah. Hang Quah.. or should I say Ape cer? Saya Hang Quah).

Okey tak? Kalau okey, kata ok, kalau tak okey pun, cakap je.. jangan malu malu ataupun segan :D

*As for the Mandarin speaking crowd, maybe I'll use my Mandarin name next?


  1. That's why you are known a Hang Quah. LOL :D

  2. I thought they say Hang Tuah not a Malay...but a Chinese, descendent of Hang Li Po? You Hang Kuah...ooops, I mean Hang Quah...sikit jadi kuah kari kah, apa kuah? Hahahahaha!!!!

  3. hahahaahahahahah!!! gudness! ok ok now i got it for ur tweet d other day! LOL. anyway, lucks in ur business. =D

  4. I just heard the same thing claimed by STP a few weeks ago. Someone was asking whether it is still in the Sejarah syllabus. hahaha... Well... I like the Hang Quah name. Suit you. Ok je dengan nama itu... saya suka... mari Hang... jom...

  5. why with the use of 'Hang'? it sounds very malacca...but outdate!
    sorry, jst being frank here

  6. do you need laksamana fufu to help you? btw it's a good joke

  7. Unfortunately.. Hang Tuah is no longer in our text book? but no worries as Hang Quah will bring it on :D


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