Sunday, February 12, 2012

If Only I'm In Primary School!!

Sometimes I wish I'm back during school days - that is during Primary school.

Not High School or Uni.. but Primary school. Because back then, as 'kids' we could get back to our friends who offended us, with very lil bit of punishment.

You see, in primary school, we could get away with nearly everything - for most of the times, adults still treated us as KIDS.. kids who can never do much wrong. Heard the statements "Oh, they are just kids.."?

Well, yeah, you get it. So being a kid in primary school is really cool.

One of the reasons would definitely be - that we can get back to friends who offended us.

The most, should the teacher finds out, we either get a rotan (cane) or sometimes just a warning from the usually-lovable teachers.

Yeah, back then, the puppy eyes (or Puss in Boots pussy eyes) would really work.. In fact, some friends went as far as to cry when they are to be punished (tho they are wrong). Now, those friends should get an Oscar, really.

Anyway, that is why I love the primary years. Come secondary, though we still wear school uniforms, but we are SUPPOSED to be turning into adults, and the teachers get stricter. We can still fight back, but that can cause trouble like detention classes and being blacklisted by the teachers.

And then moving onwards to uni, it's even worse. Fighting is so off limits, no matter how well our kung fu/ karate/ taekwando is. It doesn't matter whatever belt colour we wear cos when it comes to the REAL thing, we should just let it go, and not even try to be Bruce Lee, or even close to it.

That's a pity cos usually by then, if one had learnt those martial arts, they would be having the best coloured belts.

But the thing is, I think as I grow older, I find more people who seem to irritate.. it's funny cos as kids we are thought to be obedient and all. But then as we get into the workforce, somehow SOME people seem to have forgotten what their teachers taught them.

Anyway, when in these situations - I get into a dilemma. I mean, given my way - I feel like ______. But then that's really wrong. So what can I do?

I still haven't figured this out. So far, I've been telling the nicest way possible.. or at most, a rather neutral way. But that still tests my patience.

I am thinking that maybe the next time, I should do a Bush face like the one below.

Yeah, in this case - he can't get mad. I mean, I'm still SMILING right?

Well, if that don't work.. maybe I'll try this, as suggested by my friend instead. She suggested I say "Bless you" whenever the such people offends - where the actual meaning behind it mean ......... (go figure).

And who knows, this might just work.

Owh, really... if only I'm in Primary school!!


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