Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Time, Last Years.. And This Time, This Year

I chanced upon this blog post, and got inspired by it: This time, last year, everything was different. It's the story bout the blogger (SassyGirl) and how life changed for her the past 5 years.

Now, let me see mine. But let me extend mine to a few years more.

this time last years

This time, last year, I was having an office in Pea Jay, managing a book distribution & sales company of 6 staffs. I was planning our strategies, joining events, doing sales and also managing the office. Work aside, I was enjoying my new freedom in Kay El/ Pea Jay going to some very cool & chic places around the Klang Valley (think Sky Bar).

This time 2 years ago, I was in the midsts of planning for my 1st webseries The Big Bibik & The Little Nyonyas - traveling a lil back to Malacca while still based in Singapore. It was also the time I was in the process of making a decision of relocating to Kay El, and coming to Kay El to look for a place to live.

This time 3 years ago, I was busy writing & planning the 50+1 Malaysia book. I was managing my freelance team of writers, designer.. and compiling photos from Flickr. Yeah, at that time Flickr kinda ruled momentarily, before the full emergence of Facebook took over a lil later. I was also having a fair bit of travels by this year.

This time 4 years ago, I just published the 2nd edition of Batik Inspirations. I was starting to travel crazy. The holidays were fun yet at the same time 'efficient'. I remember making those important phone calls & sending those emails to the Ministers - right while holidaying from China.

This time 5 years ago, I was traveling nearly every other week to Kay El from Singapore for business. I have just published the first book, and was busy finding all angles to get sales. It was also the time I first started blogging and learning how to go about with online business.

This time 6 years ago, I enrolled in a motivation course. It was this course that started to make me vision for my first dream project (my first book). This course was the one that opened my eyes - showing me that Dreams Do Come True. Also, through the course, I have met a new group of friends, some of whom are good friends till today. My job at that time - selling insurance & property all & around the island city of Singapore from day to night.

This time 7 years ago, I just graduated from a university in Singapore.. a university I spent 3 years in. And one that I'm glad to be out.

And now, this time this year, I just completed Project O&O - a reality online search for Malaysia's Youth Ambassador.. which I was the Project Leader. Not a dream dream project, but still, something I'm proud to have under my cap.

This time, this year, I'm currently under employment again - in the Social Media industry.. learning the works of the industry, sales & the business flow.

This time this year, I'm working on my 2nd productions, Summer Love.

This time, this year, I'm enrolling for Mandarin class. I'm also planning to enroll in more other classes of my interests that I've put off for a long time.

This time, this year, I am planning to take more baby steps into my bigger passion & dreams.

This time, this year, I am happily in love.

Looking back, I've lived a rather eventful life so far. How will my next few years be? I wonder too.

But one thing is for sure - I hope to move forward in all areas in my life. Grow as a person in every angle. Walk towards my dreams (and achieve some along the way).

And continue to live life - full.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pinoy-fying (Pinoy PasiklaBAND)!

pinoy pasiklaband
Love the poster. And how they make use of the flag colours here. So cool aye? :)
I first saw the poster of a Filipino concert at the door of my classroom (yeah, I'm attending some Mando class now) on Sat.

And some of you following this blog will roughly know how I'd react to it... I beamed. I don't know if it was ear to ear.. but I'm sure it was one happy face.

Though I don't know any of the bands at all... not even sure if they are A list bands, and the fact it's a lil last minute (that the concert is just the following day ie today).. but still, I kept it at the back of my mind that maybe I'll attend this concert. I just had to go, if I could..

kl river
Passed by the river on the way to the concert
So Sunday came. I had a lil bit of flu, but still the concert was in my mind.

Invited best buddy, Ben, to come along.. and glad he agreed!

We took our time going to the concert, enjoying the lunch before that, and also me having to settle some work stuffs in the mid afternoon.

Luckily there's a banner outside this building.. otherwise, I won't know where Mariamman Building is...

And with some Kay El jam, and losing the way around (still), it was already close to 4 when we arrived.

pinoy pasiklaband kl

Even though late, we managed to catch a few performances, including this highly energised group - Power J. They sang a mix of Tagalog & English pop hits.. and the crowd really loved them. Either that, or the Pinoys are one fun loving bunch (I love to believe it's a mixture of both).

pinoy pasiklaband concert crowd
Some of the crowd were seen dancing on their spots. Some came forward to dance on the 'dance floor'. That includes this auntie.  She placed a bottle on her head, and danced away.. only dropping the bottle once.

pinoy pasiklaband kl, quachee
Do I look Pinoy? Hehe :)
To me, it was fun seeing how the Pinoys enjoy themselves. It makes me wish that we Malaysians (or for that matter Malaysian Chinese) should learn to be.

For now, we are oh-so-too-uptight. Way too shy. And too stingy with our applause.

Imagine if we stood up and danced in front of our seats (and I'm not even saying climbing on top of our chairs). Or if we did like what this auntie did. We most likely have been called 'Siow ah' (crazy) or some of the crowd might distance themselves with faces having eaten some sour plums.

But not here. Young. Old. Babes. Hunks. Aunties. Uncles. They just danced away.  It doesn't matter who was on stage - known or lesser known artistes. It was all about having one good time, and nothing to be shy about.

I guess that is what makes me like the Philippines (& the Pinoys) more and more.

And so I'm glad I saw that poster on my classroom door. And of course, going for that concert!

pinoy pasiklaband kl

Btw these shots were taken in the lift, which was covered all over with the poster. Oh yeah, okay, we are not shy folks too! Call that we are Pinoy-fying! Haha!!! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Remembering My 1st Day Of Work

Do you remember your first day of work? Or first day of school in the beginning of the year?

I don't but this time round, I will. Cos I'm blogging bout it here Hehe... Well, that's what blogs are for anyway right? :)

I smiled as I saw my loose change, when paying the carpark.
So it was my 1st day.. and I was in some ways scared. Not scared of the work ahead or the company I'm gonna join nor what to expect from my new colleagues. 

But I was afraid of the jam that might be ahead. I must say so far I've been rather blessed as I've never gone on peak hours... but this job requires me to be in by 9am. And it's at the other city - Kay El. I know it ain't that far from Pea Jay, but still... 

So I woke up slightly earlier (okay, I admit much earlier than my usual time). And was ready for.. WAR. 

But guess what? Traffic to the office was... nearly as smooth as butter!!! I'm so impressed.. And of coz thankful for the 2 paying tolls I had to go through. But hey, it's better than being stucked in the jam :)

And then I arrived. And had my breakfast at the now synonym to Malaysia kopitiam - Old Town. And guess what? The eggs above - they are my 2nd helping. I had to order a set as it's cheaper even though I... err... actually had eggs just before I left home. Yeah, I was egg-ified (in a good way)! Haha!

Work was pretty easy going on the 1st day. Like a colleague mentioned... it's the honeymoon period. I was introduced to all the colleagues in the office - remembering only a handful of their names. But they all seem nice. 

And as it's the 1st day, work was light. I was given this book to read. And I read it in one sitting while in the office. I must say I've never read so much so fast.. for a long long time, or ever! 

I was given my brief on my jobscope, and we did some planning as well. Time was a lil slow.. but still I made the best of it. Soon, it was evening, and time to clock out. 

On the way back, I saw this beautiful sunset. And I just say to myself - on what a lovely (first) day it is. 

And then came dinner.. and I went to try out this famoust Middle Eastern restaurant - Tarbush. That put quite a nice ending to the 1st day.. and hopefully to a start of many happy days ahead :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taking A Break & Getting That Dream Job

taking a break

6 years as an Entrepreneur. 

A fair bit of projects. 
Batik Inspirations, 50+1 Malaysia, Booqc.com, The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas, Project O&O.

Countless roles. 
Office Boy to Sales. Marketing, to PR then to HR Manager. And more.

And now, 
I've decided to take a break. 

Not from fun projects 
or projects that I'm passionate about.

Those, I'll still do.
There's still Summer Love the series.
And other business plans.

But for now, 
it's a break from the main job. 

Time to recharge.
To learn more.
And (hopefully) worry less.

Hence, the search for the Dream Job. 

A job that I'm passionate about.
A job that I can learn (much) more.
A job that allows me to grow.
A job that allows me to still achieve my other dreams.

And I think I've found it.

dream job

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pepper & Salt: The Lucky Song

Recently, I too have been bitten by the Glee bug with its chirpy songs. And I thought I'd do one strip from one of the songs that first caught my attention: Lucky. 

So the duo is now back to that Lovey Dovey moments..! Haha!

Btw the video below is the one from Glee..! :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sabai Sabai (Thai Song) By Bird Thongchai McIntyre

One thing I like about Thailand is how calm I usually am while I am there. Maybe it's cos I'm a tourist.

But then again, I also believe there's more to it - like the people & their culture that is easy going, yet with hand clasps together, and that smile... (oh yes, that heart warming smile they give that can melt the heart, and make all problems seem to go away - even if it's only for that moment).

Many times when I face situations that make my high blood pressure shoot up, I think back on being in Thailand.. and most times, I'll at least have a grin on the face eventually.

Another option is to listen to this Thai pop song.. which goes by the words Sabai Sabai.. which means happy or easy going/ chill. A very simple song, yet something so soothing with a lyrics that match too. Ah, yes, life needs to be Sabai Sabai... :)

This song is sung by the pop superstar, Bird Thongchai McIntyre, and this is the lyrics.

สบาย สบาย ถูกใจก็คบกันไป
Sabai sabai took jai gor gob gun pbai
It’s all right, I wouldn’t mind if we went out together

Pror chun pben kon mai son arai
Because I’m someone who’s not interested in anything

Mai koey kit guan jai krai
I never think of bothering anyone

สบาย สบาย หากเราจะคบกันไป
sabai sabai hahk rao ja kob gun pbai
It’s all right if we start dating

Chun kor piang kwahm ruk lae jing jai
I request only love and sincerity

Mai koey dtong gahn arai
I never wanted anything else
(*)สบาย สบาย แล้วเธอก็คงเข้าใจ
Sabai sabai laeo tur gor kong kao jai
It’s all right, and you probably understand

Rao nun ja yoo rian roo gun pbai
We’ll learn together
Ja took ja sook piang nai
Through the good and bad
(**)สบาย สบาย แม้วันใดที่ใจเธอเปลี่ยน
Sabai sabai mae wun dai tee jai tur pblian
It’s all right, though some day your heart will change

Mai hen ja pblaek meua roo juk pbahk wah kit ja jahk chun pbai
I won’t see it as weird when I hear from your mouth that you’re thinking of leaving me

Gor kong kao jai wah tur dtong pbai
I’ll understand that you have to go

gor kong sia jai lae kong sia dai
I might be sad and regretful
(***)แต่ก็ยังสบาย สบาย สบาย
Dtae gor yung sabai sabai sabai
But I’m still okay, it’s all right

Hahk tur ja ting gun pbai
If you’re going to leave me

Pror chun pben kon mai feun jai krai
Because I’m someone who wouldn’t force someone’s heart

Gor kong lerk rah gun pbai baep sabai
We’ll probably break up, in a calm way
(*, **, ***)
สบาย สบาย
Sabai sabai
It’s all right
สบาย สบาย
Sabai sabai
It’s all rightสบาย สบาย
Sabai sabai
It’s all right
สบาย สบาย
Sabai sabai
It’s all right

เรานั้นจะอยู่เรียนรู้กันไป จะทุกข์จะสุขเพียงไหน
Rao nun ja yoo rian roo gun pbai ja took ja sook piang nai
We’ll learn together, through the good and bad

สบาย สบาย
Sabai sabai
It’s all right

Lyrics from: Deungdutjai

Friday, June 17, 2011

What's Your (INspiring) Story: Jian Goh & Drawing Comics

One of my interests is on designs & illustrations. And having worked with a few designers before, I thought I'd invite one to come on board and share his/ her story.

Again, using the power of social media, I tweeted and got answers on who to feature. Eventually I was referred to Jian Goh (aka AkiraCEO), a comic artist who draws comics and then publishes it on his blog. His famed character is the cat, Miao, and this, is his story..

I can't really remember how I started to love drawing. It could be my addiction to comics or could be the drawing class I was sent to when I was 9. Hmm maybe my dad noticed I love drawing very much and sent me there.

I remember my first time drawing comic was during primary where I met a bunch of classmates who love drawing as I do. It was such a fun time as we came up with our own comic stories which we drew on a exercise book and shared them among ourselves. I still remembered my story was titled the Legend of Crystal.

akira ceo comic

Being the only son in the family, I was taught and guided to become an engineer, an occupation my dad wished me to be. And so I enrolled into an engineering course, graduated and now an engineer as wished. Don't get me wrong, I'm interested in engineering, the same goes to cooking, photography, music, and 19-20 other stuffs I'm intersted in but nothing as passionate as drawing.

Even though I know I'm becoming an engineer, my drawings and doodlings had never stopped before. I will always doodled something out when I'm free but all of these just to pass time. Until I was introduced to blog and vector art, I became hooked and made blog my platform to practise and showcase the work.

As vector art is somehow different from drawing with a pencil that I'm have been doing over the years, I would sit in front of the PC and draw for hours just to polish the skills and techniques. My dad was kinda against it in the beginning because I spent way too much time on it. He would always complained and asked me to spend my time reading engineeering related material instead. Usually I would just ignore it but I remembered there was one time that I became so frustated that I replied him that drawing is what I am, what I have left.

akira ceo comic

Things change when I started to gain from what I do and even got hired as a designer for a couple of companies. Now my dad would always asked me to spend my time on drawing instead, and even share some ideas with me. And now I'm an engineer, a comic blogger and a designer. Without any acadmic behind drawing and design, I'm very surpirse with what I got into. I think all we need is a passion and a heart that never gives up on it.

If I would have given up, then I would not have Miao&WafuPafu today. Now, my current joy was not to be able to settle a problem as an engineer but to see my readers enjoy the comics I made. It made me smile when how happy my comic made them. I hope one day I would be able to have my own comic series.

*This is the 8th feature of this 12 week series. If you've missed out on any or would like to read the rest who have been featured, visit: What's Your (INspiring) Story series

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Lil Random: Happy Moments!

I miss writing random posts like how I've been enjoying life.. or more enjoying life.

Looking back at my life so far, I am grateful of the many things that I can enjoy and do. I believe many others do it too - only whether they document them. For me, well, I always am prepared with my phone camera :)

These photos have always been uploaded to the social networks that I'm into, but today, I'd like to write it here in this diary blog of mine..

diary thailand
I got this note book from Thailand from one of my previous trips.. it's your rather usual note book except that on every page, there is a lil cartoon on it - be it on top, bottom or side of the page.

thailand notebook
And the characters are different for nearly every page.. This maybe a small thing to some, but each time I see some unique characters like the ones above, it kinda makes me smile in some ways.

Now I don't use this note book as much because of the iPad, but still whenever I do use it, I appreciate it.. and I believe it's like the best note book I ever bought. Haha!

wesak pj
This pic is taken during Wesak. This is the 2nd time around that I've been back to this temple in PJ for wesak (Wat Chetawan).

And it seems that visiting this temple during Wesak is like becoming a tradition for me in some ways - now that I'm living here in Pea Jay :)

Seeing bananas hanged like that in shops maybe common for some. But if we are to just take a moment, this is rather interesting, don't you think? I'm sure if we see this overseas, you'll see many of us going Click, Click, Click & all gaga over it!

And that was how I felt just that day when I realise this.. which to me it's like Raining Bananas!!! Hahaha!!!

fruit smoothie canteen pj trade centre
This was taken at Canteen @ PJ Trade Centre. I was here to discuss about Project O&O Grand Finale with the owners of the cafe - just 1 week before the event.

And I ordered this drink. I couldn't help but like this pic cos it does feel very Summer..!

swimming pool g tower hotel kl
Talking bout Summer, I had a very nice opportunity to stay at the G Tower Hotel KL - during a Sunday (I know I'm blessed here!).

And yeah, I swam in this pool overlooking the KL Twin Towers.. so cool lah!! It's like a dream come true, really.. something I've always wanted to do, and I'm happy to have realised this mini dream :)

gsc gold class cinema
Oh, and just a few days back.. I tried the GSC Gold Class cinema!!! I've tried the 'luxurious cinemas' in Manila & Jakarta and so enjoyed them... and then just the other day, I had the chance to try it here in Kay El!!!

I felt like a small boy again.. you can see it from the pics above! Hehe.

kung fu panda po
And with movies... I must say I am Oh-so-Lucky to have met the Kung Fu Panda star - Po, live, right here in Pea Jay! There was this Movie Carnival at IPC (formerly Ikano), and I was there.. and so was that cute panda.

So of course, I took that opportunity to grab a pic with him/ it!!

Looking back at these moments sure make me smile.. and though I know that I'll be way busier the next week onwards (more of that to come), but then I also know that having those lil happy moments are still important - busy or otherwise.. Here's to more of that! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pepper & Salt: The Sisig

Was having the sisig - a Filipino dish of minced pork, yesterday... and then an inspiration came along for the next installment of this Pepper & Salt series :)

Oh btw the food was really yummy. I'm not sure if the Filipinos eat the sisig with noodles or long beans, but we certainly did... and oh boy, it was Masarap!!! :)

*The Pepper & Salt is a comic series that came off totally random. I hope to expand it. For now, check out the past issues: Pepper & Salt :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's Your (INspiring) Story: FoongPC & Traveling

When I first started blogging I used to be shy meeting online khakis. It was only around 1.5 years ago that I started meeting one of my first few online khakis - and it was this 'annonymous' 'panda-faced' FoongPC.

He turned out to be a nice guy, close to the person he is in his blog - friendly, witty and share a similar interest of travel, though at that time he was rather 'virgin' at it. But looking at his blog now.. he has traveled way past me, or most other people's average share of travels.

And that is what he is sharing here on this 7th installment of this series. Yes, his many adventures & travels in just such a short span of 2 years or so. This, is his story..

I was initially not a person who likes to travel. But since I started blogging in the year 2008, things have changed. I was inspired by so many posts written by other bloggers about their travel experiences.

In my mind, I was thinking of filling up my blog with pictures and articles of my travel adventures. No, I did not want to turn my blog into a travel blog, but I guess it was inevitable.

I would say my travel adventures started with my visit to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in early 2009. Who says local travel is not considered travel? Of course it is, and I think everyone should visit his or her own country first before thinking of holidaying overseas.

Of course, I had been traveling way before that KK trip, but it was few and far between. I had been holing up myself in Petaling Jaya, the city that I call home and that I love way too much!

But yes, KK started it all. It was also my first time traveling on my own so it was quite an experience for me. I especially enjoyed Pulau Manukan with its beautiful waters!

pulau manukan

After that there was no turning back. I was hooked.

Barely two months later, I visited Guilin, China for 10 days with two friends. It was one of my most memorable travels. I went on a cruise along the scenic Li River visiting this Nine Painted Horses Hill. How many horses can you see?


I stayed overnight at Longji and visited the famous rice terraces. Can you see the lady with the umbrella? She was the one who led us up and down the rice terraces!


And how could I forget the mesmerizing Twin Pagodas of Shan Lake?

shan lake

Or the river rafting on scenic Yulong River where I actually fell and injured myself?

Yulong river

And that part of the trip where my two friends were down with food poisoning and I had to trek alone and almost got lost in the forest? What an adventure!

A few months after my China trip, I went Tasik Kenyir for a weekend break. It was here that I experienced an unexplained “paranormal activity”. If you would like to know more about my supernatural experience, read HERE.


Of course no paranormal activity was going to keep me away from traveling for too long! Next I visited Bali, my very first time in Indonesia. That was in early 2010. Bali was a fascinating place with unique “meru” architecture.

tasik kenyir

A few months later, I was traveling again this time to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I was interested to see the ruins of Angkor Wat and I was not disappointed.

siem reap

Right after I returned from Cambodia, I didn't head back home but instead flew off to Redang Island the very next day to soak up the sun and sea. Waking up early to catch the sunrise was pretty enlightening.


I did not have any plans to travel for the remaining part of the year when suddenly out of the blue, I received a call telling me I won a contest for a return flight to Bangkok to watch Enrique Iglesias in concert and a 4D/3N stay in the prestigious Dusit Thani Hotel! Wow!

In Bangkok, I ate this yummy durian with sticky rice. Of course if you don’t like durians, you will not like it. But I happen to love durians, and this dessert was just.. heavenly!

bangkok sticky rice

I like to be adventurous when I go traveling so when I went on a solo trip to Manila, Philippines early this year, I just got to eat the balut! Don’t know what a balut is? It is boiled fertilized duck or chicken egg with a nearly developed embryo inside. Well, it was not as nice as the durian with sticky rice, but it was quite palatable.


If you ever go Manila, you must give this “delicacy” a try!

OK, if you noticed, all the pictures so far did not show my face. Well I do take photos of myself but I just do not like to put them online. You see, I am a very private person and would like to remain as such.

Perhaps the closest you can see me is this picture which I took with USA President Barack Obama.

usa barack obama

Of course it was just a wax figure of President Obama at Hong Kong’s Madame Tussauds which I visited last March! Haha!

Where would I be going next? Australia? USA? Europe? Who knows?

Traveling is fun. Trust me. And just like all those bloggers who have inspired me, I hope I have inspired you to travel the world as well!