Friday, June 24, 2011

Remembering My 1st Day Of Work

Do you remember your first day of work? Or first day of school in the beginning of the year?

I don't but this time round, I will. Cos I'm blogging bout it here Hehe... Well, that's what blogs are for anyway right? :)

I smiled as I saw my loose change, when paying the carpark.
So it was my 1st day.. and I was in some ways scared. Not scared of the work ahead or the company I'm gonna join nor what to expect from my new colleagues. 

But I was afraid of the jam that might be ahead. I must say so far I've been rather blessed as I've never gone on peak hours... but this job requires me to be in by 9am. And it's at the other city - Kay El. I know it ain't that far from Pea Jay, but still... 

So I woke up slightly earlier (okay, I admit much earlier than my usual time). And was ready for.. WAR. 

But guess what? Traffic to the office was... nearly as smooth as butter!!! I'm so impressed.. And of coz thankful for the 2 paying tolls I had to go through. But hey, it's better than being stucked in the jam :)

And then I arrived. And had my breakfast at the now synonym to Malaysia kopitiam - Old Town. And guess what? The eggs above - they are my 2nd helping. I had to order a set as it's cheaper even though I... err... actually had eggs just before I left home. Yeah, I was egg-ified (in a good way)! Haha!

Work was pretty easy going on the 1st day. Like a colleague mentioned... it's the honeymoon period. I was introduced to all the colleagues in the office - remembering only a handful of their names. But they all seem nice. 

And as it's the 1st day, work was light. I was given this book to read. And I read it in one sitting while in the office. I must say I've never read so much so fast.. for a long long time, or ever! 

I was given my brief on my jobscope, and we did some planning as well. Time was a lil slow.. but still I made the best of it. Soon, it was evening, and time to clock out. 

On the way back, I saw this beautiful sunset. And I just say to myself - on what a lovely (first) day it is. 

And then came dinner.. and I went to try out this famoust Middle Eastern restaurant - Tarbush. That put quite a nice ending to the 1st day.. and hopefully to a start of many happy days ahead :)

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  1. What bro? You are working? I thought you are supposed to be the boss ler!


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