Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sabai Sabai (Thai Song) By Bird Thongchai McIntyre

One thing I like about Thailand is how calm I usually am while I am there. Maybe it's cos I'm a tourist.

But then again, I also believe there's more to it - like the people & their culture that is easy going, yet with hand clasps together, and that smile... (oh yes, that heart warming smile they give that can melt the heart, and make all problems seem to go away - even if it's only for that moment).

Many times when I face situations that make my high blood pressure shoot up, I think back on being in Thailand.. and most times, I'll at least have a grin on the face eventually.

Another option is to listen to this Thai pop song.. which goes by the words Sabai Sabai.. which means happy or easy going/ chill. A very simple song, yet something so soothing with a lyrics that match too. Ah, yes, life needs to be Sabai Sabai... :)

This song is sung by the pop superstar, Bird Thongchai McIntyre, and this is the lyrics.

สบาย สบาย ถูกใจก็คบกันไป
Sabai sabai took jai gor gob gun pbai
It’s all right, I wouldn’t mind if we went out together

Pror chun pben kon mai son arai
Because I’m someone who’s not interested in anything

Mai koey kit guan jai krai
I never think of bothering anyone

สบาย สบาย หากเราจะคบกันไป
sabai sabai hahk rao ja kob gun pbai
It’s all right if we start dating

Chun kor piang kwahm ruk lae jing jai
I request only love and sincerity

Mai koey dtong gahn arai
I never wanted anything else
(*)สบาย สบาย แล้วเธอก็คงเข้าใจ
Sabai sabai laeo tur gor kong kao jai
It’s all right, and you probably understand

Rao nun ja yoo rian roo gun pbai
We’ll learn together
Ja took ja sook piang nai
Through the good and bad
(**)สบาย สบาย แม้วันใดที่ใจเธอเปลี่ยน
Sabai sabai mae wun dai tee jai tur pblian
It’s all right, though some day your heart will change

Mai hen ja pblaek meua roo juk pbahk wah kit ja jahk chun pbai
I won’t see it as weird when I hear from your mouth that you’re thinking of leaving me

Gor kong kao jai wah tur dtong pbai
I’ll understand that you have to go

gor kong sia jai lae kong sia dai
I might be sad and regretful
(***)แต่ก็ยังสบาย สบาย สบาย
Dtae gor yung sabai sabai sabai
But I’m still okay, it’s all right

Hahk tur ja ting gun pbai
If you’re going to leave me

Pror chun pben kon mai feun jai krai
Because I’m someone who wouldn’t force someone’s heart

Gor kong lerk rah gun pbai baep sabai
We’ll probably break up, in a calm way
(*, **, ***)
สบาย สบาย
Sabai sabai
It’s all right
สบาย สบาย
Sabai sabai
It’s all rightสบาย สบาย
Sabai sabai
It’s all right
สบาย สบาย
Sabai sabai
It’s all right

เรานั้นจะอยู่เรียนรู้กันไป จะทุกข์จะสุขเพียงไหน
Rao nun ja yoo rian roo gun pbai ja took ja sook piang nai
We’ll learn together, through the good and bad

สบาย สบาย
Sabai sabai
It’s all right

Lyrics from: Deungdutjai


  1. Eh, where's the Facebook comment box? I wanna leave a comment using it coz it's more convenient. :P

    Hehe....this is a lovely song. I love evergreen, old Thai songs. brings back sweet memories. :D

  2. I also love this song but don't even know how to sing. Now you have given the lyrics I can sing. I think that singer Bird Thongchai has almost retired,,,right?

  3. wow, this song is like 20+ years ago?


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