Friday, October 26, 2007

See Red - Positively

Most of us, I believe, throughout our lives, would in someway or other have had some people seeing red on the things we do.

We could be students, working adults or even in our old age. Each stage of life, there might be some groups who are envious. For example, as students, others may be jealous of your results, or your sports performance; in office, others may be envious of your high position or salary; while in old age - others may be envious of your good health or children's success... the list goes on.

The question is how do we move on from here, when we know others may not seem too happy with our works? In a positive manner, I take that because we have something special that we are being noticed. This will eventually lead to jealously.

But the point is, others only take notice of us when we have something unique in oursleves... and they may feel lack or even not getting it.

To the extreme, some will go the distance up to copying our works. That is of course not very nice if it's a direct copy, similar to that of piracy.

And I'm also surprised we recently have another company copying our idea of The Malaysia Page fully, up to the graphics! Though they have taken the copied down, I agree with my friend's comment that this only makes our idea much more special and unique... and that it does work :)

So, there goes, when others see red in us, let's take it in our stride and just move on with our lives :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

China's 40 Richest

The Forbe's list for China is remarkable and to one large extend stunning! It sees all 40 in the list being billionaires, an up from 15 the year prior. And their their total nett worth also tripples from US$38b to US$120b. This is a remarkable showcase of why the awaken Dragon is gaining so much attention.

Property is the no. 1 listing with a total of 14 spots and some congolmerates taking some spots in between. Apart from the property, again, B2B seems to be the key here, with many companies involved in manufacturing, though there are 2 internet companies - Baidu & Tencent Holdings.

The majority of the list also resides in the province of Guangdong, and only a handful living in Shanghai & Beijing. This is rather a huge contrast to the list in Malaysia, who mostly have offices in the capital city.

What makes this list powerful is how China's richest has grown so much so fast. As a comparison, just a year ago, their worth was just US$10b more than Singapore, or US$12b more than Malaysia. But now it is 4 times more than Singapore, and 2.5 times more than the Malaysian list.

This again goes to show the big potential in this populated country with demands in nearly every good imaginable - from mass to high end products. And truly a country not to be missed by any company seeking grounds in Asia, if not the world.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inspiring Book: For One More Day

When I was first passed this book, I was a little hesitant. I've read Mitch Albom's previous best-seller before, Tuesdays With Morrie. And though it deed seemed inspiring, but I felt that that book was a little let down towards the end.

However, I thought, why not give this a try... afterall, this is a best-seller too!

This story is written from the narrative of a third party, a former national baseball player who wanted to commit suicide because he felt life was not going the way he wanted... his wife left him, and his daughter too, in one way by not inviting him to her wedding.

And whilst he was in the verge of going to the other world, he met his mother, who has already passed away. Uniquely, they were together, with him tagging her throughout the day along with her chores.

As he follows his mum, he remember the times he didn't stand up for his mother, or let her mother down. There were lots of flashback to his childhood days up to his adult days and even up to the day before his mother passed away.

In between, there are moments when he also mentioned how a 'hero' his mother is to him, championing him, despite his flaws... just like most mums do. These flashbacks are very heart warming, as we can mostly relate to in someway or rather.

He even shows his mother's care through the journey on the present day with his mum, which makes feel our mother's love.

Mitch has written this book very well, inspiring others on a mother's love - which is true, sincere, and everlasting. This book is truly recommended for everyone, especially those whose mothers are still around - as it will show us how to treasure them now :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

My First Comic Strip :)

Ok, this week has been of quite a few firsts... Firstly, my first YouTube video. And today, I've been experimenting with a new web based application. I've always liked comic strips - and cartoons... and would later love and hope my company would do some too :)

Here, I would like to show my first strip... well it's not really funny, but it is a form of my love for my country, Malaysia :)

I thought it is lovely to have in a way celebrating my website, The Malaysia Page & Malaysia 50 Years there! :)

Selamat Hari Raya

As Muslims start to balik kampung and the atmosphere and mood continue to build up for this special occassion, I would like to sincerely take this opportunity to wish all the Muslims a Selamat Hari Raya. May you guys spend this special occassion with your family members and friends!

It's that time of the year to strengthen the family ties, partake the delicious rendang, lontong and the variety of kuih rayas...! :)

It's also a nice time to hear the Raya songs - especially the famous Saloma's song, which explains the whole Raya in 1 happy song... from the meaning of 1 month fasting, to the glitters on Hari Raya - and to forgive the past, and best wishes to everyone :)

Selamat aidil fitri
Kepada saudara serta saudari
Setahun hanya sekali
Merayakan hari yang mulia ini

Di masa bulan Remdan
Kita berpuasa hingga sebulan
Pabila Syawal menjelma
Hari raya disambut dengan gembira

Miskin kaya memakai baju baru warna-warni
Mengunjungi sanak kaum famili
Sungguh hebat pemandangan di hari raya ini
Tua muda wajah berseri-seri

Selamat hari raya
Pada saudari saudara semua
Marilah dengan gembira
Merayakan aidilfitri yang mulia

Di sana kelihatan
Bermacam kuih ketupat dan rendang
Mintak bu kuih sepotong
Saya mahu makan kerna perut kosong

Dam dam dum bunyi mercun
Kanak-kanak segera datang berduyun
Dam dam dum mercun berdentum
Semaraklah hari raya ini tahun

Maafkanlah jika ada terlanjur perkataan
Diharap supaya jangan disimpan
Kuberdoa selamat panjang umur murah rezeki
Semoga Tuhan akan memberkati

Selamat hari raya
Hari untuk kita bersuka ria
Selamat mari ucapkan
Untuk kita hingga sampai tahun depan

Selamat hari raya !

*For those who would like to know more on the meaning of this occassion, do visit my other post at The Malaysia Page Blog

Monday, October 08, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Malaysia 50 Years Book

Yes, that is the new idea I've mentioned :)

Now, let's see how this idea of the book came about. Firstly, over the months of promoting The Malaysia Page, we found that many Malaysian based companies have given us the feedback that they would like something that they can feel & touch - basically, a book/ magazine. Although this came as a lil surprise initially, but we took their feedback.

And then, we thought, that we wanted to actually do some souvenirs for Malaysia 50 Years too... a gift that people will keep even in years to come, and hopefully will be something very precious. Afterall, this is an important year for Malaysia, and she will only celebrate it once!

Next, this idea ties in with my hope of giving something back to Malaysians - a souvenir for them, as we plan to give some books free.

So, after some discussions, I am proud to announce that we are going to publish the book, Malaysia 50 Years: The Commemorative Book, this year.

This book will be unique, as it will feature contributions from anyone in the world on anything about Malaysia - from photographs, writings/ stories, and drawings. Hence, become a book that is truly from the viewpoint of others and not from just a perspective of the author or publisher.

Finally, I would like to request that if you have anything you would like to contribute in writing/ drawing/ photo of Malaysia, please email us. It would be nice to be part of this history :) Just imagine, in years to come, say even in 2057, the future generation will look up to us and say, now that was Malaysia, and how she has grown!

More details are at Malaysia 50 Years: The Commemorative Book.