Friday, March 23, 2007

It Just Makes It Sweeter

I do not like to brood over things, but I just want to share this, and let go of something that have happened to me this week.

Well, I'm not going into details, but all I can say is that at times, there are certain difficulties that I encounter because of an obstacle that were deliberately put in my path by a certain party (it's odd, sad, but true).

Anyway, although I do have high hopes and plans mapped out and now have to alter the plans a lil, but hey, I'm not giving up.

In fact, while sharing with my friend about my journey so far, I got quite inspired that I still managed to sail rather 'safely' despite some quite big obstacles I faced :)

So although this hurdle is placed right in front of me again now, but I know that when I overcome this, it will just makes my future success sweeter :)

So, for anyone out there who may feel a lil dissapointed (like how I felt earlier), don't despair. For then, when you succeed, your smile will be a bigger one. 'For because we have tasted what is 'bitter', we now then can better appreciate the 'sweetness' and glory :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy To Inspire

I recently met a fellow Malaysian whose one of his aim in life is to promote & help his fellow countrymen succeed. Which to me is a very inspiring goal :)

Aniway, as we met last nite, he mentioned that it was inspiring to see a reasonaly young person coming out with a book and having it being acknowledged by the Prime Minister :)

Well, those words were really encouraging and I'm happy that I'm able to inspire others - which is what I really like to do. These words really keep me on track that what I'm doing is noticed haha :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

More Records - More Breakthroughs

Another win for Malaysia's doubles pair - now in the Swiss Open. Wow, with such continuous wins, they really are bringing lots of cheer back home!

And again, this is a sweet win, as enroute to the finals, they beat the Chinese & World top pair Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng in the quarters, and the Indon-American pair Chandra - Tony in the semi finals.

And like mentioned before, this is still a rather new pair, but they have proven that 'age' is no barier.

In squash, World Champion Nicol David continues to make her mark winning the KL Open. What a way to start off the season!

Finally, in Formula One, Raikonnen who now drives under team Ferarri has already made a record first win with his new team in the season opener. That's also pretty cool! (his last win was in 2005).

With such records & breakthroughs, it just shows that anything's and everything's really possible if we really want to :) How exciting!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Refreshing Swim

It has been quite a while now since the last time I swam.. lots of excuses like weather, distance to the pool, time (or no time haha), etc, etc.

But then today I thought well, I really don't want to stay at home... and swimming seemed the best idea.

And yes, it was a good idea! Like most motivating gurus will say, it's good to keep a healthy lifestyle. I'm sure they are right :)

Really, it was quite a good difference to my otherwise routine lifestyle. Quite refreshing actually. I find it relaxing as it relaxed my mind off work. And the best part, it needn't take long. Now to make swimming and exercise part of the routine :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Continued Leveraging

I've mentioned sometime ago the power of leveraging. I'm sure everyone of us are learning some new things every now and then.

In my course of growing the business, I've been learning quite a plateful of things recently... and there's really a lot more to learn.

However, though as much as I would like to do all these things I've learnt on my own, I decided that to save time, I should once again go back to leverage ie. getting help from others - in joint partnerships or outsourcing.

Now that I've put aside the fine details works, I can be back to focus on the macro aspects of the business. And this gives me a lot of time to really plan the vision of the company :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Congratulations! Everything's Possible

I was back in Malaysia over the weekend, and was watching the telecast of the men's doubles finals...

It was really a superb match displayed by both teams. And I must add that I am very proud and inspired to see my country's players playing so well - and to lift the title after a 25 years wait for Malaysia!

Seeing them play and reading about their past performances just makes me so inspired - imagine this is a duo who have just paired off in 6 months and have won 3 titles in 5 competitions they entered (one time as runner up, and another as semi-finalists). Their record speaks for themselves.

What inspires me is that this is a duo that have beaten the odds to show that everything is possible - for they are young both in age and as a new pair, but that didn't stop them from being champs! Apart from the right combination, I think their desire to succeed also plays a part in them.

And if we really can emulate in any way possible, I'm sure we too will be champs in our own courts! :)

Congratulations Koo - Tan, and congratulations Malaysia (really a celebration for your 50 years of your birthday!)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Going Back To The Heart

There's a new web project that I'm embarking ( a new idea that came to my mind quite recently. To me, just like any other ideas, it is a good one with lots of prospects :)

So, after the idea, the next stage was planning and execution. And this is the part which can be quite exhausting at times as there is a need for lots of brainwork.

Hence, it was no surprise that my friend said I looked a lil worned out when I met him recently. He mentioned that to get back to the high energy level, is to get back to the reason, the passion and the drive of the whole idea when we first conceptualised - why the idea is good, and its prospects.

And the way to do so, is really to go to our hearts and feel it.

It was quite a surprise that by talking to him, and listening to his advise, his words got me all excited again. And though physically tired, I was enerergised mentally.

Truly by going back to the heart, I felt the excitement and could then see that the work ahead is the process of getting to the birth of the idea. And by visualing the creation, it just makes me light!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Make It Great - Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Yes, it's now already the 14th day of the Chinese New Year season... hope you guys have had a wonderful time meeting relatives, friends, and having lots of goodies. For me, it was a very wonderful time to catch up with family and friends, and to relax and recharge as well... and with new ideas coming in both from relaxing, and also through some ideas my friends have given me :)

As it's the last 2 days of this festive season, it only means the beginning of the New Year! Here's wishing you guys a wonderful year ahead. Together, let's make it great - to soar this year of the Boar!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)